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Ice Cream On-Demand and Other Heat Wave Promos

Stephen Mallon/Taxi(NEW YORK) -- As temperatures soar past 90 degrees in cities across the U.S., companies are offering ways to cool down with freebies and promotions.

Some of these deals are expiring soon, so be sure to read the fine print, get in while supplies last, and check for restrictions at particular locations.

1. Free Workouts From Town Sports International
Town Sports International's gyms in Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. are opening its doors to the public for free workouts every time the temperature hits 90 degrees or above. Reference the "heat wave promotion" at the front desk of New York Sports Clubs, Boston Sports Clubs, Philadelphia Sports Clubs or Washington Sports Clubs.

Access is permitted except 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. from Monday through Thursday. This promotion began on Thursday and ends on Saturday, Aug. 31. You must be at least 18 years old and have a photo I.D.

2. Jetblue's 2HOT2HANDLE
Travelers who got the shaft after missing Jetblue's very limited 90 percent off promotion can receive a consolation prize of 25 percent off fall flights from New York's JFK/LGA/EWR airports. Fliers can use the code more than once.

Book by Thursday at 4 p.m. EDT for travel Sept. 3 to Oct. 31. using promo code 2HOT2HANDLE. The promo code is good for all days and all domestic flights (including Puerto Rico), as long as there's an available seat.

3. Uber's Ice Cream Trucks on Demand
On-demand car service app Uber is bringing back its ice cream truck on-demand service in 33 cities on Friday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Though no cash is required -- as everything is paid with your Uber account on your iPhone or Android -- the company says demand for ice cream trucks "will be very high and availability very limited."

"It may take multiple tries to find an available truck. Please be patient! We'll be working all day to deliver as much ice cream as possible," Uber said on its website.

4. Regal Cinemas $3 off any soft drink
Relaxing in a movie theater is an easy way to escape the heat if you can beat the crowds for a seat. Expiring on Sunday, Regal Cinemas is offering $3 off any soft drink via a mobile coupon.

5. Free Nathan's Hot Dog at Sunoco
Expiring Saturday, drivers, cyclists and melting pedestrians can get a free hot dog from participating Sunoco gas stations with this mobile coupon, in celebration of National Hot Dog Day.

6. Free Movie Ticket or Tub of Twizzlers with Office Depot Purchase
Expiring Saturday, get a free $12 movie ticket and $5 in concessions with a $75 purchase at Or, spend $50 or more and receive a "Tub of Twizzlers," which is a box of 105 pieces. Valid only at or by phone or fax. The coupon codes are 16890313 for Twizzlers and 87980478 for the movie ticket.

7. Buy One Get One Free Movie Ticket
Visa Signature Cardholders are offered a free movie ticket if you buy one movie ticket via Fandango. Offer ends Aug. 2.

8. Free Candy Crush Saga Levels Help Guide From Amazon
Arguably the biggest mobile game addictive fad, Candy Crush has offered a free digital player's guide for your Android device.

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British Tourists Charged $84 for Four Ice Cream Cones in Rome

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(ROME) -- We all scream for ice cream, but one would hope that’s not because of the price.

An ice cream parlor near the Spanish Steps in Rome ignited the wrath of the world this week after it charged four British tourists a seemingly exorbitant amount of money for ice cream.

The story went viral after the two British couples snapped a photo of their bill. They had been charged 64 Euros, or $84 for four cones.

Such was the outrage over the high price of everyone’s favorite frozen treat that the mayor of Rome, Gianni Alemanno, apologized to the tourists and offered them a free trip back to Rome.

However, expensive ice cream is not that unusual. The server at the Antica Roma Gelateria, where the tourists purchased the ice cream, says $20 for four big scoops in within the range of “normal.”

In part that’s because the overall ice cream experience including the quality of ingredients, location, uniqueness, plays a part in the price.

"You're not buying the ice cream,” lecturer in marketing at Glasgow Caledonian University Ronnie Ballantyne told BBC News. “You're buying Rome."

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Ben & Jerry’s Releases New Cannoli Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry's(NEW YORK) -- Ben and Jerry’s has released a new limited-edition ice cream flavor called Cannoli, which will be available in stores across the U.S. at the end of the month.

The ice cream comes with fudge-covered cannoli pastry chunks and mascarpone swirls. It will be available for three to four months until a new limited-edition ice cream takes its place.

This isn’t the first time the company has tried to re-create the Sicilian pastry. It launched Holy Cannoli in 1997. Made of vanilla pistachio ice cream, ricotta, chocolate-covered cannoli pieces and roasted pistachios, Holy Cannoli was withdrawn within a year.

At the Ben & Jerry’s flavor graveyard in Vermont, Holy Cannoli’s gravestone reads: “Now in front of the pearly gates, Holy Cannoli sits and waits. What brought its ruin no one knows, it must have been the pistachios.”

One Facebook user complained that authentic Italian cannoli does not use mascarpone, a main component of the new flavor.

The company responded: “We made a cannoli flavor with ricotta cheese before, and it didn’t do so hot, so we’re putting a new twist on this version. We also have a flavor called Chubby Hubby, but you don’t find any overweight spouses in it.”

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Ben & Jerry’s Sues Over X-Rated DVDs

Lloyd Bishop/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank(NEW YORK) -- Boston Cream Pie. Peanut Butter D-Cup. Hairy Garcia.

No, these are not the latest ice-cream flavors from Ben & Jerry’s. They are the names of X-rated DVDs that have left a sour taste in the mouth of Ben & Jerry’s execs.

And so, the South Burlington, Vt., ice cream-company — a unit of Unilever NV –  has sued Rodax Distributors and Caballero Video  of North Hollywood, Calif., for trademark violation and for tainting Ben & Jerry’s  wholesome name.

According to the lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan Sept. 5, the distribution and sales of 10 “exploitative, hardcore pornographic” DVDs in Caballero’s Ben & Cherry’s line tarnishes Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Inc.’s reputation by linking it with pornography.

The suit claims the DVDs’ packaging, which include images of naked men and women set against grazing cows, green grass and marshmallow-white clouds, is a direct rip-off of Ben & Jerry’s own packaging, and that the DVDs will cause “confusion, mistake or deception” among ice-cream buyers.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages, along with a court order requiring Caballero to destroy the DVDs and promotional materials in question.

Neither Rodax nor Caballero returned calls from ABC News seeking comment.

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Baskin Robbins Introduces Ice Cream Nachos

PRNewsFoto/Baskin-Robbins(NEW YORK) -- Baskin Robbins has dipped into the world of snacks with their latest, ice cream nachos.

The company’s Waffle Chip Dippers dessert uses waffle and brownie chips to dip into vanilla soft serve.  The soft-serve is drizzled with chocolate syrup and topped with pieces of Snickers and M&Ms.

After surveying over 1,000 Americans, Baskin Robbins found that “one third (33%) of Americans chose chips and dip as the easiest finger food to eat – over mini sandwiches (22%) and chicken wings (20%) among other finger foods.”

One in five of those surveyed requested chips and dip as the snack they’d like to see recreated as a dessert.

Waffle Chip Dippers are available until the end of the month for $2.99.  One serving contains 500 calories, 20 grams of fat and 55 grams of sugar.

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Vanilla Shortage: Rocky Road for Ice Cream Prices

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(WASHINGTON) -- Could you survive a summer without vanilla ice cream?

If you can’t, be prepared to pay more:  the cost of a scoop of vanilla ice cream could go up 10 percent this summer amid a shortage of vanilla pods, Mintec analysts say.

A poor harvest in vanilla-producing countries, Mexico and India, have caused more users to buy beans from Madagascar.  Production of the beans fell 90 percent in Mexico and Indonesia last year.  The monopoly in Madagascar has resulted in an increase of wholesale prices from $25 per kilogram to $35 to $40 in two months.

The Telegraph reported that about 40 percent of the world’s supply was shipped out of Madagascar due to an increase in orders.

“The stocks in the world are being run down and we are getting to a point now where we are likely to see the price suddenly shoot upwards,” Mintec business development director Nick Peksa said.

The labor intensive process of vanilla harvesting makes it the second most expensive spice, next to saffron, which sells for an average of $5 per gram.  Vanilla beans are harvested once a year but the cultivation process from planting to storefront can take up to six years.

“It is the most expensive ingredient in ice cream production per kilogram, so it is highly likely that some producers will not be able to absorb the extra cost,” Peksa said. “It could push the price of ice cream up by around 10 percent.”

Ice cream isn’t the only product expecting a price increase: medicines, perfumes and food production will also be affected by the shortage.

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Could Avalanche Research Lead to Better Ice Cream?

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Ice cream fanatics will be happy to learn that their favorite dessert is getting the scientific attention it deserves:  avalanche experts are using the same technology used to study snow to determine how to improve the quality of ice cream.

Nestle is working with the Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research in Switzerland to study the ice crystals in snow and ice cream. Using the only x-ray tomography machine in the world, researchers are recording the size of ice crystals and air bubbles at sub-zero temperatures.  This machine allows the researchers to study the sample without damaging it, which was a problem for them in the past.

Published in the journal Soft Matter, the scientists discovered that the texture of ice cream gets worse as ice crystals fuse together.  Changes in temperature from creation to transportation cause ice crystals that form on the top of the ice cream.  Most home freezers vary in temperature by several degrees, cycle on and off to regulate their temperature, causing ice cream to melt and then re-freeze.

“We already know the growth of ice crystals in ice cream is triggered by a number of different factors,” said Dr. Cedric Dubois to BBC. “If we can identify the main mechanism, we can find better ways to slow it down.”

A follow-up study is underway that enables scientists to evaluate higher-resolution images of the ice cream particles.

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Ben & Jerry’s Launches Flavor in Support of Gay Marriage

Lloyd Bishop/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank(LONDON) -- A longtime advocate for equal rights, Ben & Jerry’s UK has re-named its apple pie flavor “Apple-y Ever After” in support of gay marriage.  This week, the UK government is set to decide whether to make gay marriage legal.

Available in select stores in the UK, the limited-edition carton features two men atop a rainbow-detailed white cake.  The flavor features apple pie ice cream with apple chunks and pieces of pie crust.

This isn’t the first time Ben & Jerry’s has promoted marriage equality.  In 2009, the brand renamed the flavor “Chubby Hubby” to “Hubby Hubby” in response to gay marriage legislation in Vermont.

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Ben & Jerry’s Apologizes for Jeremy Lin-Inspired Ice Cream Flavor

Mike Ehrmann/Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Ben & Jerry's(BOSTON) -- Ben & Jerry’s has tweeted an apology to anyone who was offended by its new limited-edition Taste the Lin-Sanity frozen yogurt flavor.

The company tweeted, “On behalf of Ben & Jerry’s Boston Scoop Shops, we offer a heartfelt apology if anyone was offended by our handmade Linsanity flavor that we offered at our Harvard Square location. We are proud and honored to have Jeremy Lin hail from one of our fine, local universities, and we are huge sports fans. We were swept up in the nationwide Linsanity momentum. Our intention was to create a flavor to honor Jeremy Lin’s accomplishments and his meteoric rise in the NBA, and recognize that he was a local Harvard graduate. We try to demonstrate our commitment as a Boston-based, valued-led business and if we failed in this instance, we offer our sincere apologies.”

Exclusively sold at the company’s Harvard Square location in Cambridge, Mass., Taste the Lin-Sanity contained vanilla frozen yogurt, lychee honey swirls and fortune-cookie pieces.

The Boston Globe reported that the fortune-cookie pieces were replaced by waffle cones after some customers protested that the fortune-cookie pieces perpetuated an Asian stereotype, while others complained the cookies were too soggy.  The lychee element, a fruit from Southeast Asia, also caused an uproar as arguments raged that Lin was not from Asia but Northern California.

The Asian American Journalist’s Association expressed disapproval of Lin’s media coverage in this statement: “Is there a compelling reason to draw a connection between Lin and fortune cookies, takeout boxes or similar imagery? In the majority of news coverage, the answer will be no.”

“The flavor was a one-time batch and is not an official company flavor,” said Ben & Jerry’s spokeswoman Liz Stewart.

Unfortunately, those hoping to try Taste the Lin-Sanity have missed their opportunity: “It is sold out now,” Stewart said.

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Ben & Jerry’s Launches Jeremy Lin-Inspired Ice Cream Flavor

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Ben & Jerry's(NEW YORK) -- The Linsanity craze that has dominated nearly every sports headline in the past few weeks is now covering select ice cream cartons.

The Chicago Tribune reports that “Taste the Lin-Sanity” is the latest flavor to be launched from the Vermont-based ice cream company Ben & Jerry's.

The new superstar-inspired  flavor features vanilla frozen yogurt and lychee honey swirls.

The flavor is currently available for limited release in Boston only.

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