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Vice President Joe Biden: ‘Detroit’s Getting Back Up’ Economically

Joe Raedle/Getty Images(DETROIT) -- Revving up a crowd at a Detroit high school, Vice President Joe Biden offered up one of his father’s old adages to illustrate the tenacity the people of Detroit possess as their city works to recover from the crisis in the auto industry.

“My dad used to say you measure a man or woman – it wasn’t whether they got knocked down, but how quickly they got up. And guess what? Detroit’s getting back up,” Biden told an estimated crowd of 1,100 packed into a narrow hallway at Renaissance High School Wednesday.

Detroit’s unemployment rate remains more than a point above the national average, sitting at 9.7 percent in June, but over the past three years, the unemployment rate in the city has decreased dramatically from its 27.8-percent rate in July 2009. Michigan’s unemployment rate rose last month, jumping from 8.6 percent in June to nine percent in July.

Biden, who called Mitt Romney a “decent” man despite boos emanating from the crowd, knocked the presumptive GOP nominee for the 2008 New York Times op-ed he penned with the headline “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt,” saying that the president’s approach to dealing with the auto industry proved successful.

“In spite of Gov. Romney’s insistence that we let Detroit go bankrupt, we rescued the automobile industry,” Biden said.

The Romney campaign claimed Biden’s comments about Detroit’s turnaround are “out of touch.”

“For millions of middle-class families, Vice President Biden couldn’t be more out of touch with the state of the economy,” Ryan Williams, a spokesman for Romney, said in a statement. “After claiming yesterday, ‘the middle class is coming back,’ the vice president is now claiming that ‘Detroit is getting back up.’ But after nearly four years, middle-class families are struggling with lower income, fewer jobs, and increasing unemployment. The Romney-Ryan plan will provide 12 million new jobs, higher take-home pay and a brighter future for the middle class.”

While in Detroit Wednesday morning, the vice president had coffee with Michigan United Auto Workers leaders and, in the afternoon, he held two fundraisers in the Detroit area.

The vice president’s trip to Detroit came two days before Romney and his running mate, Paul Ryan, were set to campaign together in the state. A June NBC News/Marist Poll found President Obama ahead of Romney by four points.

The vice president shared the stage with a local phenom when he was introduced by Claressa Shields, a 17-year-old boxer from Flint, Mich., who won an Olympic gold medal in London earlier this month.

“We’ve had tough times in Michigan, but we never give up,” Shields said. “We just get up and keep going. We keep fighting with the president and vice president who’ve got our backs.”

While he attested to President Obama’s character with stories about their close relationship, the vice president also mentioned just how well he knew some of the other presidents.

“Folks, I can tell you I’ve known eight presidents, three of them intimately,” Biden said. “I have never, never once, in all the time I’ve been with this president … I’ve never once in the difficult decisions he’s had to make heard him ask me or anyone else, ‘What are the politics in this for me?’ Not one single time.”

Before departing the school, Biden posed for photos with the high school’s football team and offered them words of encouragement for their upcoming season.

“Hey guys, have a great season! Get up!” Biden said.

“Four more years!” one of the players shouted back.

“When you go to states, invite me. I’ll come!” Biden said.

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Biden Blames High Gas Prices on Litany of Foreign Factors

Joe Raedle/Getty Images(NORFOLK, Va.) -- Vice President Joe Biden promised students at a Virginia high school a quick explanation for why U.S. gas prices are high and still rising, but then went on for 11 minutes, delving into the complexities of the oil market and of the changes and tensions in the Middle East.

The explanation came when a student at Maury High School in Norfolk, Va., following a speech on college affordability, asked the vice president why gas prices are so high.

Biden said that the average price per gallon, which has nearly doubled under the Obama administration, is tied to a complex global oil market that has skyrocketed because of “talk about war with Iran”; fear that Iran might “take out the Saudi oil fields and Bahraini oil fields”; the Arab Spring movement; “war in Libya”; the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood; and a potential for unforeseen political unrest, such as “chaos in Russia.”

“It’s complicated. You fully understand it. I’m going to give you a brief answer, remembering that famous admonition of Samuel Clemens: He said all generalizations are false, including this one. But I’m going to give it to you as quick and as straight as I can,” Biden said before launching into 11 minutes of talking points.

“I’m treating this answer like I would if I were answering on Meet the Press so I hope I’m not offending anybody by just going straight to it,” he said, pausing halfway through.

After the speech, the Republican National Committee circulated Biden’s longwinded explanation as a “non-answer” to the question about why prices are so high, and they suggested the vice president was engaging in the kind of “loose talk of war” that the administration has recently decried.

In an interview last month with a local TV affiliate from Orlando, Fla., President Obama said, “The biggest driver of these high gas prices is speculation about possible war in the Middle East, which is why we have been trying to reduce some of the loose talk about war there.”

On Tuesday, Biden said the administration has been trying to reduce the threat of war in the region.

“We're trying to manage these outcomes in ways that will bring some stability. But the world markets don’t care about that. They just hedge the bets,” Biden said.

He also defended Obama’s record on drilling and investments in renewable energy sources, as well as his call to end billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies for oil companies.

“There’s no way to get energy independent unless you do all of the above,” he said. “I get confused by our friends who don’t think we should do any of that.”

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Biden Blasts Romney on Jobs: ‘Consistently Wrong’

William Thomas Cain/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday will attack GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney over the importance of promoting American manufacturing.

In a speech at PCT Engineered Systems in Davenport, Iowa — the third stop on a debut campaign tour – Biden will claim credit for a resurgence in the manufacturing sector under President Obama and suggest it wouldn’t have happened if Romney was president.

“To President Obama and me, rebuilding our manufacturing sector and rebuilding our country are one and the same,” Biden will say, according to excerpts of his remarks released by the Obama campaign.

“Mitt Romney has been remarkably consistent — as an individual investor, a businessman, as governor of Massachusetts, and now as a candidate for president.  Remarkably consistent. Consistently wrong.”

Biden will point to Romney’s record as governor, insisting he vetoed legislative efforts to prevent state government contracts from being outsourced abroad and oversaw significant loss of manufacturing jobs in the state during his tenure.

Iowa, a key general election battleground, has seen more than 15,000 new manufacturing jobs since January 2010.  Nationwide, the sector has added more than 430,000 over the same period — the fastest growth rate since the 1990s.

“So look folks, we have a choice in this election,” Biden will say. “Between our philosophy that believes manufacturing is central to our economy, and their philosophy that scoffs at it.”

“Between our philosophy that says there is nothing ‘out of touch’ about fighting for the future of the middle class.  And a philosophy that says if the folks at the top do well, that’s good enough.”

Romney has said he wants to revitalize the American manufacturing sector and create “high-paying” manufacturing jobs, in part, by luring companies from overseas with lower corporate tax rates and other incentives.

He has also said he would more aggressively work to level the playing field with China on trade policy to bolster demand for U.S. goods abroad.

“Under President Obama’s leadership, over 800,000 fewer Americans have a job, home prices have plummeted, and gas prices have hit record highs,” Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul said in an email. “With that kind of record, it’s no surprise that the Obama White House has taken to attacking a proven job creator like Mitt Romney.”

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When Asked About the Economy Biden Says, 'We're in Charge'

ABC/Donna Svennevik(MIAMI) -- Vice President Joe Biden told a South Florida radio station Thursday that he and President Obama take responsibility for the state of the U.S. economy, knowing full well that the 2012 election appears to be a referendum on the issue.

“There’s a lot of people in Florida that have good reason to be upset because they’ve lost jobs. Even though 50 some percent of the American people think the economy tanked because of the last administration, that’s not relevant,” Biden told WLRN’s Phil Latzman.

“What’s relevant is, we’re in charge. And right now, we are the ones in charge, and it’s gotten better but it hasn’t gotten good enough. And in states like Florida it’s even been more stagnant because of the real estate market. I don’t blame them for being mad. We’re in charge, and they’re angry.”

Later, Biden acknowledged the president’s reelection bid was “understandably” shaping up to be a referendum on the administration’s handling of the economy. But, he added, “it’s soon going to be a choice,” referring to an eventual Republican nominee.

Biden stressed the importance of Florida to Obama’s reelection bid but said the battle to keep the state blue would be tougher than in 2008 because of an influx of pro-Republican independent groups expected to spend millions in the coming campaign.

While the administration has previously been critical of such widespread, moneyed outside influence, Biden Thursday called it “totally legitimate.”

“We run the risk of being drown out in Florida,” he said. “Because unlike the last campaign, it is likely our friends on the other side are going to spend more money with these sort of independent PACs -- by the way, totally legitimate. I’m not criticizing it. You have the Rove PAC spending millions of dollars, tens of millions of dollars, etc.”

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