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US Exports Likely to Continue Growth in 2011, Say Analysts

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(NEWARK, N.J.) -- U.S. exports are expected to continue growth in 2011, reports The Journal of Commerce.  Strong export growth across the country was seen in record numbers in 2010 and is likely to grow.

Data reported by analysts at PIERS, a sister company of The Journal of Commerce, is supportive of this expectation, observing a nearly 12 percent jump in the first half of 2010.  PIERS researchers say a "mid- to-high single-digit growth" is likely over the next few quarters.

The journal attributes the acceleration of U.S. export growth to a "growing Asian middle class, overseas crop issues, a week U.S. dollar [and] demand for U.S. goods from agriculture to manufactured products."

With the surfacing of such optimistic reports should increase the possibility that the Obama administration could reach its goal to double exports by 2015.

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