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Google Bringing Super High-Speed Internet Network to Kansas City

ABC News(KANSAS CITY, Kan.) -- Kansas City, Kansas is ready to get into the fast lane -- the fast lane of the information super highway, that is.

Search engine giant Google announced Wednesday that the heartland city will be the site of its planned Internet network.

Simply put, it means that the folks in Kansas City will enjoy broadband access that's 100 times faster than what's currently available to just about everyone else in the U.S.  It should all happen by 2012.

Proposals for this super-speed broadband access were submitted by 1,100 cities but Google executives chose Kansas City for a variety of reasons, including opportunities to build efficiently and the effect it will have on the metro region.

The eventual plan is to make the high-speed Internet network available everywhere.  Google maintains it's ready to spend "hundreds of millions” to promote this goal.

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