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Pre-Black Friday Bargains: Why It Pays to Wait

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Black Friday is a cultural phenomenon in which consumers take part in the thrill of the deal. This year, the mania is more intense than ever. Black Friday deals have been leaked two weeks early –- many posted on Facebook -– all to get you in the mood to buy.

So where are the deals, and is it worth it to wait? Many retailers have to guess almost a year early how many big-ticket items, like televisions, to order. If they overbuy, you get the deals.

At Walmart, for example, an Emerson 32-inch LCD HD TV that typically goes for $328 has been slashed to $198. Target and others have similar deals. But the deepest discounts this year will be on some of the biggest sets. Best Buy is offering a 50-inch Panasonic plasma set -– regular price $999 –- for $699 after Thanksgiving. At Sears, there’s a 55-inch Samsung LCD for almost $1,000 off.

It's not just the big-ticket items like TVs where deals can be found. Retailers are spending loads of money to get you into their stores, so they're going to do everything they can to make sure you leave with a shopping bag or two.

Other hot deals include a five-piece luggage set for $38.88 at JCPenney and KitchenAid Cutlery, on sale for $80. Barnes & Noble’s Nook e-book reader is $99.99 after having been reduced from $149.99.

And, of course, there are the toys. Zhuzhu pets, one of last year’s must-have holiday items, are $4 at Walmart, 50 percent off the regular $8 sale price. At Toys R Us, Buzz Lightyear and Lincoln Logs are each 50 percent off.

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