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In the Driver's Seat: Obama Plugs Hybrid Technology Overseas

Photo Courtesy - TIM SLOAN/AFP/Getty Images(LISBON, Portugal) -- During a break from sessions on NATO and Afghanistan, President Obama got a look at a plug-in hybrid car on display at the convention center in Lisbon.

The electric/gas vehicle is an Opel Ampera, produced in Detroit where the GM Chevy Volt is made.  It has the same technology as the Volt and both will be marketed in Europe starting in late 2011, according to Guillermo Sarmiento, managing director of GM Portugal, and Volker Hoff, vice president of Opel.

The president sat in the driver’s seat and got an explainer on the car from Hoff. The president noted to reporters watching the demonstration that the engine was silent – “Can’t hear it, can you?” he asked.

President Obama noted that Portugal has placed an emphasis on the vehicles, offering subsidies. He said he hopes that GM will market this car “all across Europe.”

“These gentleman are excited about the prospects,” he said of Sarmiento and Hoff.  “This is the future.”

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