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Butcher Gets Creative: You Gonna Eat That? And Wear It, Too?

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- A restaurant in New York City has taken sustainability to a whole new level.

At Marlow and Sons in neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, animals are now going from local farms to the table ... to your drawers and closet. These aren't leftovers but leather goods made from the tanned hides of the very grass-fed cows and pigs that populate the menu.

It's the waste-not-want-not ethos of the environmental movement taken to its logical conclusion.

"One of the things that really motivates us is supporting farmers," says Kate Huling, 32, who, along with her husband, Andrew, owns Marlow and Sons and a neighboring butcher shop called Marlow and Daughters. They have another restaurant called Diner.

They’re "trying to connect people with food that they eat, the food that nourishes them and gives them energy," Huling says.

The bags, which she designed, are simple and elegant. What they are not, is cheap: Costing $300 and $400, they come with their own hip imperfections. The bags have natural nicks and marks that give them a handsomely rustic look.

Huling has also produced wallets and vintage-looking footballs, as well as medicine balls.

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