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Burger King Challenges McDonald's McRib

Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Burger King has thrown down the gauntlet in the fast-food wars, announcing a competitor to the McRib sandwich beloved by McDonald’s customers.

The 59-year-old Burger King chain’s 2013 summer menu, unveiled Wednesday, includes the new BBQ Rib sandwich, featuring a boneless rib patty, just like the McRib.

The BBQ Rib sandwich will also be topped with a ”sweet and tangy BBQ Sauce, crispy bread and butter pickles, all on a warm toasted artisan style bun,” according to information provided to ABC News by the company, which declined to comment further.

The McRib is a 500-calorie rib sandwich with barbecue sauce, pickles and onions.

Also like the McRib, whose return to the McDonald’s menu is a headline-making affair with its own Twitter handle, the BBQ Rib will be available only temporarily, in this case beginning May 21 and lasting through the summer.

“McDonald’s continues to focus on our business and on our customers,” a McDonald’s spokeswoman told ABC News. “At this time I do not have any information on the McRib.”

Burger King’s new BBQ Rib sandwich, priced at $3.49, is the latest attempt by the Miami-based fast food chain to revamp its menu to compete with longtime competitors, such as McDonald’s and Wendy’s, and new faces on the market, such as Panera and even Starbucks.

In March, Burger King added a limited-time turkey burger to its lineup, along with a veggie burger, bacon-stuffed cheddar beef burger, chipotle chicken sandwich and wrap, and a chipotle whopper.

“Our guests have grown to look for a variety of options,” Eric Hirschhorn, Burger King’s vice president of global innovation, told USA Today in announcing the BBQ Rib Sandwich. “It’s not just about beef anymore but other proteins like chicken and turkey and pork.”

Burger King’s new summer menu includes not just the BBQ Rib sandwich, but 12 other new menu items, including a Memphis Pulled Pork sandwich, Carolina BBQ Whopper, sweet potato fries, a new BBQ Chicken Salad and new desserts inspired by Oreo cookies.

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McDonald’s McRib Back for Christmas

PRNewsFoto/McDonald's(CHICAGO) -- Fans of the popular McDonald’s McRib can stock up on their favorite seasonal sandwich in time for Christmas. 

According to a memo obtained by Advertising Age, McDonald’s plans to bring back the McRib starting at the second half of December.  McDonald’s planned to unveil the sandwich in mid-October, but the date was pushed back in an effort to boost year-end sales.

The McRib is a 500-calorie rib sandwich with barbecue sauce, pickles and onions. It hasn’t been available in the United States since last October.  In March, restaurants in Austria unveiled the McRibster, a jazzed-up version of the original.

Two new menu items will be unveiled this fall: a cheddar bacon onion angus burger and a chicken sandwich. Fish McBites are scheduled to appear on the menu in February, after the McRib is taken off.

A representative from McDonald’s could not be reached for comment.

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McDonald's Brings Back McRib

PRNewsFoto/McDonald's(OAK BROOK, Ill.) -- McRib fans, rejoice. Your saucy little guilty pleasure is back. But if you want one, you best act quickly -- the meaty treat, which has over the years garnered a cult-like following, is only back for a short time.

Citing a 4.8 percent increase in U.S. sales last November, when the company brought McRib back on a limited basis for the first time in 16 years, McDonald’s says the boneless pork patty -- topped with onions, pickles, and barbecue sauce -- will be available at select locations through Nov. 14.

"The McRib has an enthusiastic and dedicated fan base," said McDonald’s spokesperson Marta Fearon.

And indeed, it does. Several groups petitioning for the sandwich’s return have cropped up on Facebook in recent months, garnering the attention of hundreds of dedicated carnivores.

“The Mcrib is so delicious! It should be at Mcdonalds year round,” one Twitter user wrote Monday. “Would eat every day if I could. “

“My first meal of day today will in fact be a delicious McRib,” said another. “I feel a sudden rush of emotions taking over my body.”

But not everybody’s sold on the McRib’s return.

“I used to love the McRib growing up,” a third Twitter user wrote. “Now? I know what a real rib tastes like.”

“The ultimate ‘I don't care what it's made of, its delicious’ food is back,” a fourth person said.

For its part, McDonald’s says consumers need not to worry. It describes the product as “USDA inspected quality boneless pork.”

“At this time, we can't speculate on its return in the future but we hope McRib fans will enjoy it now while it lasts,” McDonald's spokesperson Marta Fearon said.

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