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What's Mom Worth? How Does $61,436 a Year Sound?

David Woolley/Thinkstock(WASHINGTON) -- What's mom worth? On the one hand, you could say that she's "priceless." On the other? "$61,436 a year."

That's according to Amy Danise, senior managing editor of, a website that supplies insurance information. Danise and her colleagues divided up mom's function into 14 different jobs (cook, driver, nurse, etc.), then used Bureau of Labor Statistics on hourly wages to see how much you'd have to pay if mom were outsourced.

If you didn't have her, for example, you might have to spend $6,285 a year on transportation (taxi driver or chauffeur, priced at $13.43 an hour). For cleaning, you'd have to pay a maid or housekeeper $9.40 an hour, or $7,104 a year.

You'd pay $300 a year for haircuts. And therein lies one problem with this argument: Do you really want mom to cut your hair?

How many people, if they had a choice of using mom or a professional hairstylist or cosmetologist would use, well, mom? I mean, she's nice and all. She made your lunch for all those years. But do you really want her giving you a permanent?

Might not other things done by mom be done better by professionals? "Nursing wounds" is listed by Insure as one mom-function. If mom nurses you, you get, "Let me kiss it and make it better." If you hire a professional nurse, though, it might actually heal. Either way, the tab is $17.90 an hour, using BLS data. Would you rather mom decorate the house--or an interior decorator, at a cost of $24.99 an hour?

"There are lots of ways one could calculate mom's value," says Danise. In pricing some of mom's functions, such as camp counselor, "we had to select from among several hourly figures." She also had to make some estimates of the number of hours a week a mom might spend on a certain job. "All moms are different," says Danise, "and all will spend a different amount of time on a given job, depending on her family's needs."

In the 14 jobs attributed to mom, there seems to be a glaring omission: Things she does for dad. Can you put a price on that?

"That's the function we can't put a dollar value on: love and support," says Danise. 

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Mother's Day Online Florist Tip: Skip the Mixed Bouquet

Dynamic Graphics/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Your safest bet for ordering Mother's Day flowers online are tulips, roses or orchids.  And avoid the mixed bouquets.

That's the advice from Consumer Reports, which sampled different arrangements from several online florists.

One tip: beware of mixed bouquets for sale on Web sites.  According to Consumer Reports, mixed bouquets are worth avoiding if shopping for your mother or any other loved one.

"Avoid ordering a mixed bouquet based on what we saw.  It's least likely to look like what's pictured on the site," said Consumer Reports spokeswoman Melissa Valentino.

But, there's a reason mixed bouquets may not fare well when ordered online.

"A lot of times the flowers are out of season or there's some type of trauma with the grower," says Rick Scott, the head designer of Greenworks at the Ritz-Carlton in Washington, D.C.  "The way to combat that is to say if we don't have [the flowers on the Web site to] use your second choice."

In a small study, Consumer Reports ordered and evaluated roses, tulips, orchids and mixed bouquets from,, to find the merchant that did the most impressive job delivering what consumers ordered.  The judges were asked to offer an opinion from thrilled to horrified on photos of the actual deliveries that were arranged to resemble the images presented on the Web site.

The result: won the top spot for places to shop for flowers that closely resembled the orders purchased online.

"It's difficult to know if it looks just as well in person as on the web site.  It's a hit or miss," says Scott.  "Tulips and roses are pretty much a sure bet.  [However], when you go into specific types, such as Dutch tulips, French tulips, and van-dyke tulips, that's when you run into problems."

Whether ordering flowers for Mother's Day or any other special occasion, Consumer Reports recommends ordering tulips, roses and orchids for flowers that closely resemble the Web site.

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Survey: Women Worry More About Economy Than Men

George Doyle/Stockbyte/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- While many women are hopeful about a brighter financial future, a new financial survey out in time for Mother's Day says they're more likely than men to worry about today.

Jonathan Clements of Citi Personal Wealth Management explains that these worries stem from women's financial standing and the rising price of commodities.

"We know that women tend to have lower incomes," says Clements.  "A rise in the price of these economic necessities, things like gas, things like food, are going to crimp their household income more."

Moreover, in the average household, women are more likely than men to handle the bills.  But mothers may reap some rewards for their financial worries this Sunday.

"Americans are going to spend twice as much on Mother's Day than they spend on Valentine's Day," Clements says.

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Moms Cite Flowers as Least Desired Mother’s Day Gift

Jupiterimages/Thinkstock(ALISO VIEJO, Calif.) -- If you were planning to buy your mom flowers for Mother’s Day this Sunday, think again.  A new survey reveals moms consider flowers their “least desired” Mother’s Day gift. commissioned a survey of 1,000 adults and found that a day at a spa ranked as the top Mother’s Day gift, followed by gift cards and “something homemade.”  More specifically, moms over the age of 55 ranked gift cards as their most desirable Mother’s Day gift, followed by a new computer.

When mothers were asked to describe the ideal way to spend Mother’s Day, most of them cited a “nice meal out,” followed by “spending time with family at home.”

The survey also found that 22 percent of respondents plan to spend at least $25 on Mother’s Day gifts and that 33 percent of Americans spend more on Mother’s Day gifts than Father’s Day gifts.

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