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Casey Anthony Could Make $750,000 in Book Deal

ABC News(ORLANDO, Fla.) -- Casey Anthony may be one of the most vilified women in the country right now, but if she plays her cards right, she could also become one of the richest.

Literary agents and publicists contacted by ABC News said that the 25-year-old mother, who on Tuesday was found not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, could make upwards of $750,000 with a book deal. It's likely that television and movie producers will also compete to score a coveted first interview and rights to Anthony's life story.

"Anything to do with a mother and a dead child tends to attract lots of attention," said Linda Konner, a New York City-based literary agent who has brokered deals for actors, singers and lawmakers. "I think there will be some frenzy among publishers to acquire her book."

Konner said that it's "not impossible" to expect Anthony to get an advance between $750,000 and $1 million for her memoirs. On top of that, Anthony would receive a cut from the sales of the book. If a TV or film studio acquires the rights to it, she would profit even more.

Ostensibly, Anthony could make this money while in prison. Her maximum sentence -- four years in prison for lying to law enforcement -- doesn't bar her from making book, movie or TV deals. Her ensuing probation will also not affect her ability to capitalize on the case.

Anthony has expressed interest in writing a book. In a letter written to her jail house friend Robyn Adams during her two-and-a-half year-long prison stay, Anthony referred to a book she dreamt of penning, describing it as a "partial memoir/comedy/relationship advice book for those not in the know." She added that it would be a way to settle many rumors and to share insight about love, life and God.

Konner speculated that Anthony's book could sell well, with a caveat.

"Because she got off, she is being viewed by some segment of the population as innocent," she said. "Readers want to read books about people who are sympathetic. But part of the problem is that so much of the story has been told. We may not have heard all of it, but there's been so much media coverage that it actually hurts her in terms of book possibilities."

TV interviews are another potential source of profit. Roger Neal, a Hollywood publicist whose past clients include Donny Osmond and Bob Hope, speculated that there will be a bidding war between broadcast and cable shows to secure Anthony's first sit-down. He also sees the potential for a reality TV show in Anthony's future.

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'Atlas Shrugged' Part 1 Released, Ayn Rand Adaptation

The Strike Productions(NEW YORK) -- Atlas Shrugged, the movie adaptation of Ayn Rand's 1957 classic, hit theatres on Friday. The novel, which centers around railroad executive Dagny Taggart as she fights to keep her business alive as American society crumbles around her, has become a favorite of conservatives, who value the book's free-market themes, and the trailer was recently screened at the Conservative Political Action Conference. The movie, which stars Taylor Schilling as Taggart and was directed by Paul Johansson, will be split into two parts.

Here's what critics are saying:

According to the Wall Street Journal "the first installment of a projected trilogy, doesn't give the book a fair shake. In terms of craftsmanship it's barely professional, except for Taylor Schilling's tightly focused performance as Dagny Taggart, the heroine trying to keep her railroad company from being destroyed by a government that's hostile to individual achievement."

According to The Hollywood Reporter "many scenes are devoted to dull conversations among business fatcats about the economics of railways and steel, central industries that helped drive the nation 60 years ago but seem like afterthoughts today (Amtrak, anyone?). Updating the story would provide a provocative test to any writer but could certainly be done; however, to do so without acknowledging the present-day realities of high-tech industries, outsourcing, shifting transportation modes and advanced information technology (the characters here actually read newspapers) places the action in an unrecognizable twilight zone."

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Redbox to Offer Online Video Subscriptions by Year's End

Photo Courtesy - Redbox(OAKBROOK TERRACE, Ill.) - Redbox has announced they will offer online video streaming subscriptions by the end of the year, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

The company, which currently operates more than 30,000 Redbox kiosks, will now be competing with Netflix in the online movie arena. Rumors have circulated that Redbox will pair with another company to offer the service, with both and being mentioned as potential partners, although neither has been confirmed.

The new service will offer consumers access to movies on mutiple devices, in addition to in-store kiosk pickups, for a monthly fee.

The move may help Redbox make up for lower-than-expected revenue last quarter, with more and more consumers turning to Internet-based entertainment.

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