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Flying Car, Cadillac CUE Are Tech Hits at New York Auto Show

General Motors(NEW YORK) -- There sure are a lot of cars at the New York Auto Show this week. The Javits Center in New York City looks like the world's largest car showroom. But in the sea of four-wheelers, there's also a whole lot of technology floating around. Below are some of those technology highlights:

Cadillac CUE:  The 2013 Cadillac SRX's dashboard has a lot in common with your smartphone. It has an 8-inch touch screen with haptic feedback, which means you feel a slight vibration when you touch the virtual buttons on it. It also has a 12.3-inch LCD gauge cluster, which can be completely customized. There are four layouts, all of which let you show a range of information. There are options for the very tech-savvy and the basic user. CUE is an acronym, short for Cadillac User Experience. Cadillac wouldn't talk pricing, but the 2012 SRX starts at $36,860.

Ford Escape's Hands-Free Lift Gate: 
Kick under the new 2013 Ford Escape's rear while the key is in your pocket and the trunk will open. Using capacitive sensing and two sensors on the car's bumper, the feature is meant to help assist you when you have your hands full with groceries or kids. And don't worry, the technology can understand the difference between your foot and, say, a cat or dog. The feature will be standard on the 2013 Ford Escape, which will be out this spring.

Terrafugia Transition:  Sure, the technology in other cars may make your life easier while you're fighting traffic jams right now, but one day in the not-too-distant future you may just be able to avoid that traffic jam by flying over it. The highlight of the auto show has been Terrafugia's Transition flying car. The two-seat vehicle can drive on regular roads, but its folding wings can also launch it into the sky. It should be on sale by the end of the year. Terrafugia says the Transition, which would use conventional gasoline as you drive it, wings folded, to the nearest airstrip, is not just a flight of fancy. The list price is $279,000, and the company says 100 of the vehicles have been reserved.

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