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Nintendo of Canada Releasing Wii Mini at $99

Nintendo(NEW YORK) -- Nintendo of Canada is taking a page out of Sony’s book this week by re-releasing the original Wii with a major make-over, evoking the popular PS2 Slim.

Wii’s old technology has a new look, a black matte surface and an even more compact package. 

But with the redesign, which includes a red Wiimote plus and a red nunchuck, comes a few caveats.  Wifi is no longer included and backwards compatibility with GameCube games has been stripped from the system.

Although it is not difficult to purchase a cheap Wii on eBay, this $99 mini-Wii may seem like a good deal for some, especially considering that a Wiimote with nunchuck attachment can still go for $60 on its own.

While not available in the United States just yet, perhaps a quiet, limited relaunch is a good thing, saving less knowledgeable parents and relatives from picking up the wrong “new Wii” and causing Christmas morning disappointment.

Some 400,000 new Wii U systems were sold last week, according to Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime, on par with the demand for the original Wii back in 2006.

That’s good news for the new system, as the original Wii was the second highest-selling home console ever, bested only by the Sony Playstation 2.

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Nintendo Super-Sizes its 3DS Handheld With 3DS XL

Nintendo(NEW YORK) -- After just a little over a year on the market, the Nintendo 3DS is getting a makeover with bigger screens, better battery life and a wider girth.

Nintendo of America President and COO Reggie Fils-Aime said the “3DS XL gives owners even more real estate on their screens to enjoy entertainment applications like Nintendo Video and Netflix.” The new system will feature about an hour of extended battery life, 90 percent larger screens and will come in red and blue with what looks like a black interior. The 3DS XL is set for an American release on Aug. 19, along with the launch of Nintendo’s latest game, “New Super Mario Bros. 2.”

Last year’s medium sized model is expected to continue to be produced in addition to this year’s extra large device, as was the case with the original Nintendo DS and its big brother, the Nintendo DSi XL.

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Nintendo’s Wii U GamePad to Play Old Wii Games, Company Says

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- Have a ton of Wii Virtual Console games? No need to purchase new versions for the new Wii U.

Nintendo’s Wii U, successor to the groundbreaking Wii, has been confirmed for release this holiday season, with plenty of bells and whistles -- both to set it apart from the competition and attempt to change the world of gaming all over again. More information has been revealed after Tuesday’s Nintendo E3 conference in Los Angeles.

In an interview with ABC News, Scott Moffitt, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Nintendo, said that in addition to Wii discs being backwards compatible on the new Wii U, digital game collections purchased over the Wii Virtual Console will also be transferable over to the Wii U, likely remaining at standard definition.

Fans who have purchased libraries of old games will not lose their downloaded game titles when they decide to upgrade to the new system, a decision in line with how Apple’s iTunes store operates regarding digital downloads of game apps. Moffitt said that there will be a bit of restructuring of how their login IDs/accounts work with the Wii U; he says, “You will have an individual account based system. Each member of your family might have their own account.”

Each player will have saved gaming preferences, but it is unclear how Wii Virtual Console collections will be assigned to an account for ownership transfers on the Wii U eShop at this point.  If this backwards compatibility continues through the next generation of systems, fans may never have to repurchase old games again. That may change if games are reintroduced in high definition (Wii, unlike its competitors, produced standard-definition video), but Nintendo has said nothing on that yet.

Also announced Tuesday: The Wii U will feature stereo sound and allow up to two controllers to connect to and interact with the console at once for a dual GamePad experience.

ABC News has learned that there are no brightness controls for the touch screen Wii U GamePad controller, which might have been a good option for saving batteries. This is in line with how other Nintendo handhelds operate; the Nintendo 3DS offers no control over screen brightness. Players will have the ability to charge their wireless GamePad controllers using a GamePad cradle that will come with the system, according to Moffitt, so anyone worried about running low on juice during extended gameplay can rest easy.

ABC News has not confirmed the camera quality on the Wii U, so whether it is HD capable or standard definition like the cameras aboard the Nintendo 3DS remains to be seen.

Of the 23 upcoming game titles featured in Tuesday’s presentation, some standouts included the very high definition “Pikmin 3,” “New Super Mario Bros. U” with a focus on co-op improvements, and third-party franchises long missing from Nintendo systems, including “Mass Effect 3,” “Batman: Arkham City” and “Assassin’s Creed 3.”

Nintendo also introduced “Nintendo Land,” a mini-game theme park of Nintendo properties that will be a “Wii Sports” style introduction to the new Wii U system.

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Nintendo Brings Social Networking to Your Games, TV with Wii U

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- During a Direct Pre E3 Presentation on Sunday, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata announced a number of ground breaking new features for the upcoming successor to the Wii, the Nintendo Wii U.

Since last year’s E3 conference it’s been known that the new system, which has been in the works since 2008, would feature a controller with a touchscreen pad.  On Sunday, gamers learned that Nintendo is calling the device the Wii U GamePad.

The GamePad will register both stylus and finger-touch interaction, serve as a universal infrared television remote and allow players to conduct video chats over their TV sets using the controller’s built-in webcam.  The device will also have a sensor that can read codes and feed information into games.

Along with new touchscreen controller, Iwata made a clear move at also catering to hardcore gamers, introducing a second, very XBox-looking “pro” controller stripped of touch controls.  He went on to tout the Wii U’s anticipated high definition graphics.

These moves look to welcome third party developers back to Nintendo, who have long been focused on HD titles for PS3 and XBox 360.

In addition, Nintendo shared that the Wii U GamePad would serve as a “social window,” allowing users to send text messages to a new social networking service designed around Nintendo gameplay.  The network allows gamers to post on boards and chat with friends before, during and after gameplay.  Nintendo assured that this network will also be made available on the 3DS, on PC and mobile devices.

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Black Friday Weekend Shopping Guide: What to Buy and When

Tom Pennington/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- The Black Friday shopping bonanza is well under way. Last year, an estimated four percent of people who were surveyed said they would be buying a tablet in the run-up to the holidays. This year, that number has grown to 15 percent.

So, should you buy this weekend -- or wait until later in the season for even bigger savings? Here are some recommendations:

iPad: Buy

Apple is having a sale on the iPad and the company won’t discount it again. Other retailers may discount the popular tablet but the demand will be high, so you may lose out. And since 65 percent of people who want a tablet really want an iPad, if you’re considering it as a gift for someone else, you definitely should buy it now.

Kindle Fire: Buy

An estimated 22 percent of those who want a table want this new gadget from There has been no news of a possible discount -- and since it’s a new item, it could very well sell out. Buy it now.

Android Tablets: Wait

These tablets -- which include the Galaxy Tab -- will likely be deeply discounted. If you plan to get one, you should try to wait as long as you can for the deepest discounts.

Toys: Wait

Black Friday and the days after it are the worst times to buy toys and hot gifts for kids. The list price of the Nintendo 3DS went up everywhere by $25 dollars last week, so it was at a high price this weekend.

Brand Name TVs: Wait

Historically, the lowest prices on brand name TVs are after the New Year, but prices do soften as we get closer to Christmas. This year in particular, with no new feature that marketers can upsell -- such as 3D, or a new standard or specs that merit an upgrade -- the only lever retailers can pull people to buy is to lower prices dramatically.

While it won’t be a fire sale, expect a dog fight in the aisles as we get closer to the Super Bowl.

Discount TVs: Buy

Any of those insanely priced deals on Dynex, Westinghouse, and Insignia brands should be gobbled up before the turkey leftovers are gone.

Android Phones: Buy is having a sale on Android phones. Devices that would normally cost $200 to $250 are on sale until Monday for one cent -- with a contract.

Airfare for Christmas: Buy this coming week

The average airfare for domestic travel in the U.S. around December 25 is $433. Making your booking during the first week of December, up until the 10th, will yield the best deals -- about six percent below average. You should book before prices begin to rise again. If you booked your Christmas airline ticket in September, you paid an average of 27 percent more.

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Nintendo Unveils Life-Sized Mario Karts

Nintendo(LOS ANGELES) -- Mario Kart jumped out of the screen and raced into the showroom at the L.A. auto show Thursday when Nintendo unveiled two life-size Mario Karts it commissioned from West Coast Customs.

The working models of Mario’s personal race car and Luigi’s Bumble V car were built to promote Mario Kart 7, which hits stores Dec. 4 as the franchise’s first 3-D game.

Visitors to the auto show can view the cars and play Mario Kart 7 at Nintendo’s display. Unfortunately for die-hard fans, the glider attachment on Mario’s car and the rear propeller on Luigi’s car don’t actually work, so the cars won’t be flying high or exploring the deep just yet.

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Nintendo Unveils Wii U, Successor to Wii

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- Nintendo unveiled its successor to the bestselling Wii video game system at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles Tuesday.

Called Wii U, the new console features a new tablet-like controller with a 6.2-inch touchscreen and buttons on the sides.  Users will be able to play games on the controller, as well as on the TV, or they can choose to integrate play on both screens.

The Wii U controller will also feature a camera, allowing users to video chat. 

The new gaming system will have an integrated Internet browser and will be compatible with all Wii games and accessories, including its predecessor's controllers.  The Wii's trademark, legless avatars will also once again be featured in the Wii U.

Nintendo hopes the new console, set to be released in 2012, will attract more hardcore gamers with its better graphics.  But video game expert Scott Steinberg, the lead analyst for video game consulting firm TechSavvy and the host of the online video series Game Theory, has some reservations on whether the company can accomplish this.

"Despite a number of key title announcements -- Kid Icarus, for one -- it still remains to be seen whether or not Nintendo can make a compelling case for hardcore as well as casual gamers.  They've yet to trot out marquis, must-see titles," Steinberg told ABC News.

"I don't think they're going to offend anyone with this one or lose the core base of casual fans that help make the Wii a bestseller, but I've yet to see anything that's blowing hardcore players' minds," he added.

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Nintendo's 3DS Goes on Sale March 27

ABC News(NEW YORK) -- Nintendo's new, 3D glasses-free hand-held gaming system, will hit store shelves on Sunday, March 27.

The 3DS will feature two screens like its predecessors -- the DS and DSi -- and will allow users to play games in 3D without the use of glasses.  The 3D settings on the new portable console will be adjustable, giving players the option to choose how strong they want the 3D effect to be or turn it off completely and play games in 2D.

More than 30 games will be available for the 3DS by early June, including The Legend of Zelda and Madden NFL Football, according to Nintendo.  Users will also be able to play most existing DS and DSi games on the new console in 2D.

The 3DS will be available in two colors, aqua blue and black, and will sell for $249.99 in the U.S.

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Nintendo Announces March Launch Date for 3DS

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(NEW YORK) -- Nintendo's new hand-held gaming system, the 3DS, will hit store shelves on March 27.

The company on Wednesday announced the release of its latest video game console, which will allow users to play games in 3D without the use of glasses.  The 3D settings on the 3DS will be adjustable, giving players the option to choose how strong they want the 3D effect to be or turn it off completely and play games in 2D.

More than 30 games will be available for the 3DS by early June, including The Legend of Zelda and Madden NFL Football, according to Nintendo.  Users will also be able to play most existing DS and DSi games on the new console in 2D.

The 3DS will be available in two colors, aqua blue and black, and will sell for $249.99 in the U.S.

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