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Chrysler Plant Workers in Michigan Caught Drinking Again

PRNewsFoto/Chrysler Group LLC, Jim Fets(TRENTON, Mich.) -- For the second time in 10 months, a group of Chrysler workers at a Michigan plant have been caught drinking during their lunch break.

Camera crews from WJBK, a Fox TV station in Detroit, caught images of workers at the automaker's Trenton plant drinking from 40-ounce beer bottles and smoking something crudely rolled into cigarette papers.

The workers were recorded on the grounds of a United Auto Workers union hall. Once identified, they face suspension without pay.

"Chrysler group has a strict employee code of conduct that will not tolerate or allow this behavior and because we take these allegations very seriously, those employees involved will be identified and then definitely suspended without pay, pending further investigation," said Chrysler spokesman Ed Garston.

This latest report follows an incident from last September when the same TV station captured video of employees at Chrysler's Jefferson plant in Detroit drinking during their lunch hour at a city park.

"It's unfortunate that the bad behavior of a few is calling into question the integrity and character of the rest who are working tirelessly to restore the reputation of this company," Garston said.

Chrysler and General Motors benefitted from an injection of tens of billions of taxpayer-funded dollars in a bailout authorized by the Obama administration in 2009.

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Volkswagen Opens New Plant in Tennessee

Altrendo Images/Getty Images(CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.) -- Volkswagen AG will open a new auto plant near Chattanooga, Tennessee on Tuesday, giving the German automaker an edge over its American and Japanese counterparts who manufacture cars in the U.S.

The new Southern plant will help Volkswagen save significantly in labor costs.  Citing industry analysts, The Wall Street Journal reports that workers there will earn about $27 an hour to start compared to the estimated $52 an hour workers in Detroit get when they begin their employment.

The plant will also give Volkswagen protection from currency fluctuations.

"The dollar is very weak compared to the Euro.  If they are selling vehicles that are made in Europe, using European parts and European labor, it's very easy for that to become a money-losing proposition, here in the States," says AutoPacific Industry Analysis Director Ed Kim.

Kim adds that the American South has become a new automotive-manufacturing center in America for import automakers, like Volkswagen, because there's "a lot of very favorable tax incentives from the local governments there."

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Toyota Opens New Plant in Japan

Photo Courtesy - Mark Renders/Getty Images(TOKYO) -- A rare celebration for Toyota as the car maker opened a new manufacturing plant in Japan for the first time in 18 years.  

The Ohira factory in rural Japan, is part of Toyota's promise to keep jobs in its home country.

Nine hundred employees will produce 120-thousand cars a year, starting with the Corolla, in April.

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