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US Postal Service to Feature Living Americans on Stamps

PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- In another desperate gambit to avert a total collapse, the United States Postal Service will start issuing stamps with the images of living Americans.

Stephen Kearney, executive director of stamp services, explained, "The main criterion [for the honor] is outstanding contribution to the U.S."

That would cover people in all fields including business, science, sports and entertainment.  However, Kearney said, current politicians either in office or with plans to run would be exempt from consideration.

Suggestions are already pouring into the USPS Stamp Facebook page, including Oprah, Bruce Springsteen, Lady Gaga and Rush Limbaugh.  Ordinary folks can also nominate themselves, if they feel so inclined.

There’s been no announcement yet as to when the winners will be picked but the Postmaster General will make the ultimate decision about who gets honored from a list of finalists.

At the very least, it’s an interesting gimmick, one that could boost sales although with the post office projected to lose $10 billion over the fiscal year, they’d have to sell an awful lot of stamps to make up the difference.

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