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Professional Cuddler Criticized for Business

iStockphoto(ROCHESTER, N.Y.) -- They say everybody needs a hug now and then, and one woman is facing criticism over a business she started to address that need.

Jackie Samuel is a professional cuddler. Her business, called The Snuggery, operates out of Rochester, N.Y. She charges $60 for one hour of cuddling, or $300 to spend the night.

Samuel has strict boundaries. Cuddling is limited to hugging and holding, clothes stay on and there’s no kissing. Think PG, not R rated.

Her business, she says, makes people happy. Human touch releases something called oxytocin, happiness hormone, in the brain.

“People are on the internet they’re isolated they’re buying things to make us happy and we’re not acknowledging we have a very basic need to be touched and to touch others,” Samuel says.

The Snuggery’s clients range in age from 20 to 85. Samuel says the professions of her clients range from construction workers to doctors, to financial consultants.

Some have called what Samuel does prostitution. Her controversial business got her kicked out of graduate school. She does not see it that way.

“It's so obvious to me it has nothing to do with prostitution. Nobody's being degraded. We're not breaking any laws,” Samuel said.

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Dating Website Lets Members Buy, Sell First Dates

Comstock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Maybe money can't buy you love but, if you name the right price, it can get you a first date.

At least that's how it works on, where members who label themselves "generous" flash dollar signs to bid for the chance to take "attractive" members out on a date.

The buying and selling of beautiful singles may sound like prostitution, but the site's founder, Brandon Wade, insists that WhatsYourPrice is about paying for first dates, not paying for sex.

"If you look at the way charity events are held, you have these firemen and beautiful prom kings and queens [up for bid]," he said. "People are already doing this around the world, obviously for charity, but a similar concept would apply here."

But this site isn't just for people seeking so-called "mutually beneficial relationships" – Wade says it's for anyone looking for relationships.

For "attractive" singles, he said the site provides a more efficient way of reaching only the most serious, most desirable candidates. For "generous" singles, says it guarantees they date only the people who meet their high standards.

Offers typically range from $20-$100 a date, although Wade said he knows one member who tried to offer $1,000 for a date. As the members go through the negotiation process, all they can see are each others' pictures and profiles, which include their net worth and income.

When two members agree on the price of a date, the site takes a small percentage of the cost and then "unlocks" the conversation between the two parties.

But what about the notion of true love? Doesn't paying for a date get a couple off to a superficial start? Not so, according to Wade. Paying for dating is simply more efficient, not more materialistic, he said.

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