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PSY’s "Gangnam Style" Is $8M Blockbuster Hit on YouTube

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images for MTV(NEW YORK) -- PSY’s “Gangnam Style” video already holds the title as the most watched YouTube video of all time.  Now, Google’s revealing how those numbers translated into advertising revenue.

“It generated over $8 million in online advertising deals,” Nikesh Arora, the senior vice president and chief business officer at Google, said on Google’s earnings call Tuesday evening.  

The video broke a billion views late last year and as of Wednesday has 1.23 billion views.  Google said in November that “Gangnam Style” was still being watched between seven to ten million times every day.

According to Quartz, the video generates an average of 65 cents every time someone hits the play button.  The YouTube creator keeps half the money, which suggests PSY and his record company have made at least $4 million from YouTube so far.  

Of course, the South Korean rapper earned a lot more than that with revenue from downloads and other music distribution and, of course, now, his advertising deals.

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PSY to Star in Super Bowl Ad for Wonderful Pistachios

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images for MTV(NEW YORK) -- It's 2013, but South Korean rapper PSY's 15 minutes of fame still aren't up.  The "Gangnam Style" star has landed a starring role in a Super Bowl ad.

PSY will appear in a commercial that will be the latest installment of Wonderful Pistachos' ongoing "Get Crackin'" ad campaign.

In a statement, the rapper said, "The Wonderful Pistachios brand is fun, just like me.  Also, I love pistachios and I look good in green."  That's a reference to the fact that a shelled pistachio is pale green.

So, why PSY?  An executive for Wonderful Pistachos explained, "The Super Bowl is the most widely-watched sporting event of the year, 'Gangnam Style' is the most-watched YouTube video, and Wonderful Pistachios is the top-selling snack nut item on the market.  It's a powerhouse combination."

After premiering on the Super Bowl, PSY's ad will continue to air on TV and on cable.  It'll also be available at

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