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Ragú Does Something Spicy, and It’s Not Their Sauce

Unilever(NEW YORK) -- Ragú, which calls itself a once-very-conservative company, is spicing up its style with a new, provocative advertising campaign.

Its new commercials revolve around different scenarios representing the “ultimate, longest day of childhood,” a rep told ABC News.

But there is one commercial in particular that has started conversations with its edgy, more risqué material.

“To set the scene -- what’s more embarrassing as a kid than walking in on your parents doing you know what!” the press release introducing the new campaign said.

Originally posted to YouTube on Aug. 3, the all-too-familiar awkward scenario had about 1.3 million page views as of Thursday.

Ragú said it plans spots featuring other childhood moments, all with tongue-in-cheek themes showing the company’s version of what parents do to make their kids’ long days end better: By serving up a huge plate of spaghetti topped with Ragú sauce.

The “Long Day of Childhood” campaign is aimed at helping the company update its image to adapt with its audience.

“Mainstream companies realize they need to change with the times, and they are doing it one ad at a time,” the rep said.

To see other commercials in the “Long Day of Childhood” campaign, click here.

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