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GE Recalls 1.3 Million Dishwashers over Fire Hazard

SEBASTIEN BOZON/AFP/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- General Electric is recalling 1.3 million dishwashers over an electrical problem that could cause a fire.

Fifteen reports of electrical failures in the appliance's heating element have been submitted to GE, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said Thursday.  While no one has been injured, seven of those reports resulted in fires, three of which caused extensive property damage.

The recall affects GE, GE Adora, GE Eterna, GE Profile and Hotpoint models sold between March 2006 and August 2009.


Anyone with a faulty dishwasher is advised to stop using it immediately and disconnect its power supply by shutting off the fuse or circuit breaker controlling it.  Consumers should then contact GE for a free in-home repair or to get a rebate towards the purchase of a new GE dishwasher.

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Ford Recalls Nearly 500K Escape SUVs for Sticking Pedals

KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- The Ford Motor Company is recalling nearly half a million Escape model compact SUVs amid concerns over a potentially deadly problem with sticking accelerator pedals.

The new recall, which includes 2001 to 2004 models that have 3-liter, V-6 engines with cruise control, was ordered after safety inspectors discovered the accelerator's speed control cables could become stuck on an engine cover when the pedal is almost fully depressed, according to a recall notice by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

The recall comes after ABC News' Phoenix affiliate, KNXV, launched an investigation into a Ford Escape crash that claimed the life of 17-year-old Saige Bloom. The Arizona teen lost control of her vehicle and crashed on a local road in January.

Moments before that crash, Bloom's mother, who was driving in another car behind her daughter, made frantic calls to 911 saying, "She cannot stop. We're coming to a red light and I don't know what to do for her," KNXV reported.

The younger Bloom plowed into another car and rolled three times. She later died of her injuries.

According to KNXV, an inspector hired by the Bloom family later discovered the vehicle's speed control cable had broken and become lodged under the engine cover, meaning the throttle was stuck at near full speed.

Ford said that most dealerships will not have the parts to permanently fix the problem just yet, according to a customer information sheet provided by Ford, but said customers should go to their local dealership for an "interim repair, which will disable the speed control system on your vehicle to eliminate the possibility of a stuck throttle…"

"This temporary repair will allow you to continue driving your vehicle until parts for the permanent repair are available," the information sheet says.

Representatives at Ford's corporate headquarters did not immediately respond to requests for comment for this report.

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Peg Perego Recalls Strollers After Child Death

CPSC/Peg Perego(WASHINGTON) -- Risk of strangulation and the report of a child's death are prompting a major recall of two high-end stroller models. Peg Perego has recalled more than 200,000 strollers because children can become trapped and strangled between the trays on them.

One child, a 6-month-old boy from Tarzana, Calif., died after being strangled when his head was trapped between the seat and tray, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).  Another 7-month-old girl in New York was nearly strangled the same way.

The recall includes two Peg Perego strollers -- the Venezia and the Pliko-P3 -- both older models manufactured between 2004 and 2007.  The stroller models were manufactured before the 2008 voluntary industry standard requiring a larger amount of space between the stroller's tray and seat bottom to prevent entrapment and strangulation.

CPSC advises that consumers stop using the recalled models immediately.  For more information about the stroller recall, call Peg Perego at (888) 734-6020 or visit the campany's website.

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Ford Recalls 2013 Escapes, Tells Owners to Stop Driving Car

KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images(DEARBORN, Mich.) -- If you bought a new Ford Escape in the past few months, you may be getting a notice from the automaker soon to stop driving your SUV.

Ford issued a recall Thursday of about 11,500 Escapes citing a problem with the vehicle's fuel line that could split and leak gasoline, creating a potential underhood fire.  The recall only affects 2013 models with 1.6-liter engines.

While no injures have been reported, Ford is advising affected car owners to stop driving their vehicles and contact their local dealership immediately.  The automaker says its dealers will then pick up the Escapes and provide owners with a loaner vehicle -- free of charge -- in the meantime while repairs are being made.

If all the parts are available, Ford estimates the fix will take less than an hour.


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New Law Would Block Rental of Recalled Cars

Brand X Pictures/Thinkstock(WASHINGTON) -- A new bill that would keep rental car companies from renting out vehicles that have been recalled because of safety risks was introduced today in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The Raechel and Jacqueline Houck Safe Rental Car Act of 2012, named after two girls who died in a recalled car rented to them by Enterprise, would require companies to ground vehicles in their fleet that are under safety recall until they are repaired.

"If a recall notice has been issued for a rented car, that car should be taken off the road until it's fixed – it's that simple," said Rep. Lois Capps, D.-California, one of the sponsors of the bill. "Passing this straightforward bill will protect the public's safety and ensure that what happened to Raechel and Jacquie Houck will never happen again."

Cally Houck, the mother of Raechel and Jacquie Houck, began pushing for changes to the law after her two daughters, aged 24 and 20, were killed in 2004 when the Chrysler PT Cruiser they rented from Enterprise apparently began leaking steering fluid and suddenly caught fire before crashing into an oncoming semi-tractor trailer.

As reported in a 2010 ABC News investigation, the car had been under a safety recall for the potential fire hazard, but was still rented to the sisters.

The Houck family sued Enterprise, and after a lengthy legal fight, the company admitted negligence and was required to pay $15 million in damages.

After the ABC News report, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration launched an investigation to see how quickly rental car companies repair vehicles that have been recalled.

In February, Houck started a petition on calling on Enterprise, the nation's largest rental car company, to drop its opposition to an earlier version of the bill that was introduced in the Senate last year by Sens. Barbara Boxer, D.-California, and Chuck Schumer, D.-New York.

The petition garnered signatures from over 100,000 people, and within days, Enterprise had changed its stance and announced it would be supporting the law.

But last month, Sen. Boxer, joined by Houck, announced that three of the nation's four major rental car companies had declined to sign a pledge promising not to rent or sell cars under safety recall until those cars are fixed.

Boxer said that only Hertz had agreed to the pledge, but that Enterprise, Avis and Dollar Thrifty had not. "I want to say to America's families: You demand that all these companies sign this simple pledge. . . Tell your families that Hertz is the only one that signed this pledge."

There, Houck said that a law is necessary because "we cannot depend on the industry to do the right thing."

The three companies that declined to sign a pledge still maintained that they support federal legislation to ensure rental car safety, but they believe that any legislation should also cover other business that transport passengers, like limousine and taxi companies.

Representatives of Enterprise, Avis and Dollar Thrifty all responded to Boxer's press conference by saying their companies address safety recalls in a timely fashion. An Enterprise spokesperson said categorically that the company "does NOT rent any vehicles under recall that have not been repaired first." An Avis spokesperson said the company "[does] not and will not rent a vehicle" under recall, while Dollar Thrifty released a June 5 letter to Boxer in which the company asserted that "Dollar Thrifty has an outstanding safety record . . . specifically with respect to the timely repair of safety recalls."

An aide to Sen. Boxer told ABC News that Boxer and Sen. Schumer are now "putting the finishing touches" on a Senate version of the new House bill.

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Toyota Recalls 154,000 Lexus SUVs to Fix Floor Mats

Giuseppe Cacace/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- There's another Toyota recall for sticky pedals -- this time for the automaker's high-end 2010 Lexus models.

The problem is similar to Toyota's floor mat/gas pedal recall two years ago, when drivers complained that the accelerator could get stuck under the floor mat.  Now the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says a similar issue is happening with 2010 Lexus RX350 and RX 450h models.

The government has ordered an immediate recall of approximately 154,000 vehicles and is investigating why Toyota didn't warn drivers after getting many complaints.


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Flushmate Recalls 2.3 Million ‘Bursting’ Toilets

Flushmate(NEW YORK) -- Flushmate is recalling its Flushmate III Pressure-Assist Flushing System after it received 304 reports of toilets “bursting,” causing property damage and 14 “impact or laceration injuries.”

Click here to find out if your system is being recalled.

The company says the release of stored pressure from the system can “lift the tank lid and shatter the tank, posing impact or laceration hazards.”

The system is used in more than 2.3 million toilets in the U.S. and is sold at Home Depot and Lowe’s. It is also sold to toilet manufacturers that include American Standard, Crane, Eljer, Gerber, Kohler, Mansfield and St. Thomas.

If you think your toilet may have a Flushmate III Pressure-Assist Flushing System, turn off the water supply and stop using the unit. Contact Flushmate at 800-303-5123 or to determine if your system is included in the recall. If it is, you can receive a free repair kit.

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Toyota Recalls Nearly 700,00 Tacoma, Camry and Venza Vehicles

TED ALJIBE/AFP/Getty Images(TORRANCE, Calif.) -- Toyota issued two separate recalls on Wednesday involving 681,500 vehicles over problems with brake lights and driver side air bags.

The first recall affects approximately 70,500 Camry vehicles -- model year 2009 -- and 116,000 Venza cars -- model years 2009 through 2011.  The Japanese automaker says a slip up of silicon grease during the installation of the stop lamp switches in these vehicles may have caused an increase in electrical resistance.

"If this occurs, warning lamps on the instrument panel may be illuminated, the vehicle may not start, or the shift lever may not shift from the 'Park' position.  In some cases, the vehicle stop lamps may become inoperative," Toyota said in a statement.

In another recall, the automaker says a problem with the steering wheel spiral cable assembly in certain 2005 to early 2009 Tacoma vehicles could lead to friction over time that "may result in loss of connectivity to the driver’s air bag module."

"If connectivity is lost, the air bag warning lamp on the instrument panel will remain illuminated after starting the vehicle and the driver’s air bag may be deactivated, preventing deployment in the event of a crash," Toyota said.

This recall affects about 495,000 Tacoma vehicles.

Toyota said it is working on acquiring the necessary replacement parts to fix both problems and will notify affected car owners by mail once they are available.

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Chrysler Recalls Nearly 210,000 Jeep Liberty Vehicles

PRNewsFoto/Chrysler Group LLC, Lily Kesselman(WASHINGTON) -- The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced Wednesday a recall of nearly 210,000 Chrysler Jeep Liberty sport utility vehicles because of corrosion issues.

Chrysler is recalling the vehicles because winter road salt may cause excessive corrosion in the rear suspension which could result in the loss of vehicle control and accidents.

The company says the affected models include 2004 and 2005 Liberty SUVs manufactured between July 2003 and July 2005. The affected vehicles, Chrysler says, were sold in at least 20 states.

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Enterprise Rent-A-Car Blinks in Battle with California Mom

Joe Raedle/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Under pressure from a mother who lost her daughters in the crash of a recalled rental car, the nation's biggest car rental company said Thursday it had changed its stance and would back a new federal law banning the rental of cars recalled because of safety risks.

"In the past we believed that this step was unnecessary," said Laura Bryant, a spokeswoman for Enterprise Holdings, "but a growing number of people, including our customers and business partners, clearly want more assurance on this critical issue. We hear them -- and what we've heard has caused us to rethink our stance."

The announcement came after Cally Houck, whose daughters died in a recalled car rented from Enterprise, launched a petition drive earlier this week calling on Enterprise to drop its opposition to the law. By Thursday, according to, the organization hosting the petition online, more than 100,000 people had signed the petition.

Houck said she had started the signature drive "to keep this from happening to another family and to be sure that my daughters' memory is preserved." She alleged that Enterprise both opposed the bill and had lobbied against it. Bryant confirmed that Enterprise had opposed the bill, but did not address whether the company had worked against it.

Hertz, the nation's second-largest rental car company, announced earlier this week that it had reached a deal with a consumer safety group to support federal oversight of rental car recalls. A spokesman for Avis, the third-largest company, told ABC News it was "currently reviewing and discussing the Hertz proposal."

While Enterprise had said as recently as Wednesday afternoon that it opposed the new law, proposed by Sens. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., and Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., Bryant said Thursday afternoon that Enterprise was "announcing its formal support for federal legislation to oversee the way car rental companies manage the safety recall process for vehicles in their fleets."

The nation's rental car companies together own more than 1.5 million vehicles, with hundreds of thousands subject to recall in any given year. The law proposed by Sen. Boxer and Sen. Schumer would stop care rental firms from renting out cars that are subject to federal safety recalls until after they are fixed. The senators attached the law as an amendment to a transportation bill that is up for vote in Congress later this month.

As featured in a 2010 ABC News report, Houck's two daughters, 24-year-old Raechel and 20-year-old Jacquie, were killed in 2004 when the Chrysler PT Cruiser they rented from Enterprise apparently began leaking steering fluid and suddenly caught fire before crashing into an oncoming semi-tractor trailer. The car had been under a safety recall for the potential fire hazard, but was still rented to the sisters. The Houck family sued Enterprise, and after a lengthy legal fight, the company admitted negligence and was required to pay $15 million in damages to the family. After the ABC News report, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration launched an investigation to see how quickly rental car companies repair vehicles that have been recalled.

Before announcing that Enterprise had decided to support the law, spokeswoman Laura Bryant had said the Houck accident was a "terrible tragedy," and that customer safety was Enterprise's "top priority," but that the company didn't believe legislation was necessary.

"[A] number of respected individuals, including elected officials and regulators, [believe] additional oversight of the recall process may be needed," said Bryant Wednesday. "While we believe this well-meaning legislation is unnecessary and based on inaccurate, obsolete data, our company continues to work with these individuals and organizations -- including NHTSA and the auto manufacturers -- to find common ground and produce a solution that addresses everyone's concerns."

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