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Delta Rejects "Avoid Bag Fees" Ad

Photo Courtesy - Delta Airlines(ATLANTA) -- The maker of a travel clothing line known for its ample number of pockets says Delta Air Lines censored and rejected one of his in-flight magazine ads that criticized the airline's baggage fees.

Scott Jordan, CEO of ScotteVest, recently ran an ad in the New York Times Travel Magazine for his 26-pocket jacket titled "The Most Stylish Way to Beat the System." Underneath, it said the jacket helps you stay organized and "avoid extra baggage fees."

Apparently, that was not appropriate for Delta, which said the full-page ad did not meet the creative standards of its Sky magazine. "Our discrepancy with this particular vendor was strictly based on creative standards. The submitted advertisement implied this product could help passengers avoid baggage fees, particularly for carry-on items," said Delta spokeswoman Heather Faulkner. "Delta Air Lines has no fees for any carry-on baggage, therefore this could be potentially misleading to our customers."

Faulkner said ScotteVest is welcome to advertise in Sky magazine if it provides an ad that accurately represents the airline's policies.

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