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Bing Adds Qwiki Video to Search Results

Bing/Qwiki(NEW YORK) -- A few weeks after launching its revamped interactive video and multimedia format, Qwiki is teaming up with Microsoft’s Bing search engine to display Qwiki results right on Bing search pages.

For instance, if you search for the term “Lisbon” on Bing now, in addition to the regular blue links, you will see Qwiki’s entry on Lisbon embedded right in the search results. You will be able to play the Qwiki inline on the page.

“Qwiki’s integration into Bing combines search and video – two of the biggest trends in Internet history – into a powerful platform that for the first time ever, turns search results into interactive, playable experiences,” Qwiki founder and CEO Doug Imbruce said.

Qwiki is integrating close to 3 million Qwikis into Bing’s search engine. But those Qwikis don’t include the new format that launched in May, which ABC News has begun to use on its own site. The Qwikis integrated into the Bing results are machine-generated and feature a robotic, computer-based narrator. Qwiki plans to integrate the newer format soon.

“Eventually, any web site owner will be able to leverage this experience to generate higher engagement within their search results,” Imbruce said.

Bing recently revamped its search interface, adding social (Twitter and Facebook) and Encyclopedia Britannica integration. Google has recently made it easier to see search results right on the page with its Knowledge Graph.

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JCPenney Accused of Gaming Google

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- You'd better think twice before trying to game Google.

For websites that want to be found with the web's most popular search engine, the company lays out some very specific guidelines. But color outside the lines, and you might find that your prime page-one search ranking has slipped to the barely-visible back pages on Google.

In a recent search engine showdown, Google buried several JCPenney links in its search rankings after learning that the company was accused of employing so-called "black-hat tactics" to get a leg up online.

To dominate rankings for search terms like "black dress," "bedding," "area rugs" and other consumer searches, JCPenney allegedly paid to have thousands of links added to hundreds of websites across the Web, according to The New York Times. Some of the sites featuring JCPenney links were, and other sites that had little to do with Penny's business, the Times reported.

The additional links to JCPenney pages boosted the retailer's presence on the Internet because Google's algorithms consider a site more search-worthy if it looks more popular online. But paying for links is a big Google no-no.

Google did not immediately respond to requests for comment from ABC News. But after learning of JCPenney's search scheme from The New York Times, Google confirmed the tactics violated its guidelines and told the Times that it would bury the rankings as a penalty.

JCPenney says it was not aware of the illicit links.

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Qwiki Interactive Search Engine to Take on Google

Photo Courtesy - Qwiki [dot] com(NEW YORK) -- A new internet search platform is looking to be a game-changer in the lucrative search engine market, and it just might give Google a run for its money.

Qwiki, whose goal is to improve the way people experience information, intends to "deliver information in a format that's quintessentially human -- via storytelling instead of search," according to the company's website.

Rather than delivering simple links and bits of information, as is the norm with Google's search, Qwiki created an interactive experience that combines the text of a typical search engine with the video element of YouTube and the encyclopedic data of Wikipedia to create a personalized search experience that talks back to you.

Founded by Doug Imbruce and web pioneer Dr. Louis Monier, who founded the early search platform AltaVista, Qwiki is partially funded by Eduardo Saverin, the co-founder of Facebook who was recently portrayed in the award-winning film The Social Network. Saverin is one of several venture capitalists, including Jawed Karim, a co-founder of YouTube and Pradeep Sindhu, a co-founder of Juniper networks, who recently pumped $8 million into Qwiki.

Currently demos of what Qwiki will offer users are available on its website, and the site is asking users to join its Alpha, which will launch soon.

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Report: Yahoo! Prepares to Cut 600 Jobs

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(SUNNYVALE, Calif.) -- Search giant Yahoo! is reportedly set to cut more than 600 jobs beginning as early as Tuesday.

The Wall Street Journal, citing sources, reports that the company will slash nearly five percent of its workforce as it struggles to compete with Google, which just last month promised workers a 10 percent raise.

It’s the latest in a round of cuts that began in late 2008, when Yahoo! Inc. cut approximately 1,400 jobs.

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