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United Offering Free Flights to Aurora Shooting Victims’ Families

Joshua Lott/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- United Airlines will provide free flights for families of Aurora shooting victims so they can travel to their loved ones’ funerals.

The airline would only provide a brief statement on the matter: “All of us were impacted by these events, and we want to help in any way we can.”

United told ABC News the free flights are being facilitated through the American Red Cross.

James Holmes, 24, is suspected of killing 12 and injuring 58 others during a shooting rampage at a screening of The Dark Knight Rises in the Colorado cinema.

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Colorado Shooting Could Affect This Weekend's Movie Box Office

Thomas Cooper/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Last weekend’s shooting spree at an Aurora, Colo., movie theater appears to be having an effect on Americans’ recreation habits, at least in the short term.

According to a survey of moviegoers, 20 to 25 percent say they’re considering skipping a visit to the multiplex this weekend, telling research firm NRG they’re hesitant to go because of events that took place during the July 20 midnight screening of Warner Bros.’ The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora.

If that many people who would normally go to the movies do make other plans, it would certainly have an impact on the second weekend receipts for The Dark Knight Rises as well as two new movies opening Friday -- 20th Century Fox's R-rated comedy The Watch and Summit Entertainment's 3D dance movie Step Up Revolution, distributed by Disney, the parent company of ABC News Radio.

The Watch, a sci-fi spoof starring Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill and Richard Ayoade, ran into problems earlier this year following the shooting of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin by a neighborhood watch captain.  Seeking to avoid controversy, 20th Century Fox changed the original title of the movie,  Neighborhood Watch, to The Watch.

More problematic for the movie’s producer is that The Watch hasn’t been tracking well and its R-rating also puts limits on who will go to see it.

Step Up Revolution, the fourth in the franchises, is expected to do well with its predominantly female teen audience.  However, the movie does contain a scene in which dancers wear gas masks and carry gas canisters to a party, which may call to mind alleged Aurora shooter James Holmes, who police say did the same before he went on a shooting rampage.

Mindful of this, Summit Entertainment said it was leaving the scene intact although it did stop advertising a TV commercial of Step Up Revolution that showed the scene.

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Twitter Backlash After Online Retailer Posts ‘Clueless’ Aurora Tweet

KIMIHIRO HOSHINO/AFP/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Online shopping site Celeb Boutique took advantage of the trending topic, #Aurora, following the mass movie theater shooting in the small Colorado town, causing a stir of angry responses from Twitter.

“#Aurora is trending, clearly about our Kim K inspired #Aurora dress ;),” the boutique tweeted, along with a link to buy the dress on the company’s website.

Upset users responded, “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS,” and “Wow. Clueless much?”

After nearly thirty minutes, the offensive tweet was removed from the company's timeline, which also offered a five tweet apology.

"We didn't check what the trend was about hence the confusion, again we do apologise," one tweet read.

"We are incredibly sorry for our tweet about Aurora - Our PR is NOT US based and had not checked the reason for the trend, at that time our social media was totally UNAWARE of the situation and simply thought it was another trending topic - we have removed the very insensitive tweet and will of course take more care in future to look into what we say in our tweets," the company said in a series of tweets before adding, "Again we do apologise for any offense caused this was not intentional & will not occur again. Our most sincere apologies for both the tweet and situation."

ABC News could not reach the company for comment.

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