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Spirit Airlines' $100 Carry-On Bag Fee Takes Effect

Joe Raedle/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- With all the political coverage over the past few weeks, it's understandable that one piece of airline news may have gone unnoticed by many travelers. But it's an important one: Tuesday's the day Spirit Airlines starts charging up to $100 for a carry-on bag.

Misty Pinson, a Spirit Airlines spokeswoman, said the timing of the new fee had nothing to do with the election and was "purely coincidence."

In fact, she said, "We absolutely do not want this news to be buried and have been actively working to make sure our customers are aware of this change, including emails to our customers and signs posted at our airports.  What's most important is that we truly do not want any of our customers to have to pay $100 for their bag."

Which begs the obvious question: If the airline does not want people to pay $100 for a carry-on, why are they charging up to $100 for a carry-on?

"The fee is intentionally set high to encourage customers to reserve their bags in advance, and it is meant to deter customers from waiting until they get to the boarding gate.  When customers wait until the boarding gate, this delays the boarding process for everyone," Pinson said.

With just two weeks until the busy Thanksgiving travel weekend, it's a fee people who still haven't booked -- and are considering a flight on Spirit -- need to factor into their travel budget.

Spirit said it's "Bring Less, Pay Less" bag program passes the cost of handling bags solely to those bringing bags rather than have everyone subsidize these costs.  The airline said the program has helped the company conserve the equivalent of nearly six million gallons of fuel in the last year alone compared to the rate of consumption before the introduction of the program.

Passengers who pay in advance will not have to pay $100 for their carry-ons.

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A Carry-On Will Cost as Much as $100 On Spirit

Joe Raedle/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Spirit Airlines is at it again. Almost two years after becoming the first United States carrier to charge for carry-on bags, the airline is more than doubling that fee for certain passengers.

Starting Nov. 6, passengers who wait until they arrive at the gate to pay for their carry-on will pay $100 each way, the airline said. The current price is $45.

The new fee applies to both domestic and international flights.

Passengers who plan ahead can save significantly. A carry-on bag that’s paid for at booking will cost $35 (up from $30) and a carry-on paid for during online check in will cost $40 (up from $35).

There are fluctuations in some of the airline’s other fees, as well.

A carry-on is defined as any bag that needs to go in the overhead bin. Small items that can fit under the seat in front of you are free of charge.

The fee increase is sure to cause controversy, but Spirit’s no stranger to that.  In April 2012, the airline had to pull an ad for flights to Colombia that spoofed the Secret Service prostitution scandal called, “More Bang for Your Buck.”

Being the carrier known for fees is paying off for Spirit. In the first quarter of 2012 financial results reported Tuesday, the airline announced its total operating revenue was $301.5 million, an increase of $68.8 million, or 29.6 percent, compared to first quarter of 2011.

Spirit is one of two domestic carriers that charge for carry-on bags. The other is Allegiant Air, which instituted a fee last month. On that carrier, a carry-on costs as much as $35.

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Spirit Airlines Cartagena Sale: ‘More Bang for Your Buck!’

Joe Raedle/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Leave it to Spirit Airlines. Known for coming up with memorable and risqué ways to capitalize on news headlines, the airline is this time promoting a sale on fares to Cartagena, Colombia, named -- wait for it -- "More Bang For Your Buck."

Cartagena, in case you’ve been out of town, is where a group of Secret Service agents got themselves into hot water over allegedly cavorting with prostitutes (and refusing to pay at least one) before President Obama’s state visit last week.

But Spirit only flies to Cartagena from Fort Lauderdale. Not only that, the airline does not even specify on the sale page how much it actually costs to fly between the cities. It does tell us, however, that travelers can fly to plenty of other cities for as little as $19.80 one-way.

This is not the first time Spirit has marketed an attention-getting deal of questionable taste. 2011′s Anthony Weiner scandal prompted Spirit to launch “The Weiner Sale, With Fares Too Hard to Resist.” There was also the "M.I.L.F." sale (Many Islands, Low Fares) and the sale timed with the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court: “Justice Ochita Suprema Ruling against high fares. Fares as low as $8 each way!”

After the oil spill in the gulf, Spirit’s “Check Out the Oil on Our Beaches,” offended some, as did a few other suggestive deals.

One more note on the Cartagena sale: You must pay before you fly.

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Allegiant Airlines to Charge for Carry-Ons

Comstock/Thinkstock(LAS VEGAS) -- Move over Spirit Airlines -- there’s another low-cost carrier about to make serious money off passengers’ carry-on baggage.

Las Vegas-based Allegiant Air confirmed to ABC News it will begin charging as much as $35 for carry-on bags for reservations made starting April 4. Reservations made prior to this date will not be affected.

Allegiant Air will be the second domestic airline to charge for carry-on baggage. The move mimics that of Spirit Airlines' 2010 fee charging passengers up to $45 for carry-on bags.

Passengers who pay online and in advance for carry-on bags on Allegiant will pay $10 to $30 for their carry-ons. The prices are route-specific. This, too, is similar to the Spirit Airlines carry-on bag fee; for example, a person could pay as little as $20 for the carry-on bag if they’re a member of the airline’s $9 fare club and payment is made at time of booking.

Passengers on Allegiant will be allowed one personal item such as a purse or laptop bag free of charge. Anything larger, however, will incur the fee.

When Spirit Airlines made its carry-on fee announcement, it was met with outrage from the traveling public. But today, it seems the airline’s low fares have trumped the anger first felt. Spirit tells ABC News, “Our carry-on bag program has been a huge success and well received by customers and our crew members.  It has reduced the number of carry-on bags, which in turn has led to speedier, smoother and safer boarding and deplaning.”

Allegiant Airlines, which was already charging for checked bags, has profited in a time when many companies have struggled. The 2011 fourth-quarter earnings report noted it was the airline’s 36th consecutive quarter of profitability. The airline reported a 10-percent increase in total fares compared with Q4 2010 and a 20-percent increase in total operating revenue.

See where Allegiant flies.

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Spirit Airlines References Bieber Scandal in New Promotion

Joe Raedle/Getty Images(MIRAMAR, Fla.) -- Spirit Airlines has unveiled a new promotional campaign playing off the Justin Bieber paternity allegations.

The airline’s new “Who’s Your Daddy?” campaign advertises low fares "Justin time for the holidays."

"This sale is sure to last longer than 30 seconds but don’t take any chances, book your flight today!" the ad states.

Bieber has denied he fathered 20-year-old Mariah Yeater’s child and said he has never met the woman.

"Every rumor and lie about me possible has been coming out," Biener tweeted Tuesday. "Just need to ignore."

The 17-year-old singer will take a DNA test when he returns to the United States from Europe, where he is on business, and then he will likely file suit against the woman, according to his representative.

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Spirit Airlines to Charge for Printed Boarding Passes

Joe Raedle/Getty Images(MIRAMAR, Fla.) -- Spirit Airlines was the first to charge customers for carry-on bags, and now the airline plans to charge another fee that travelers are sure to not like.

The airline on Tuesday said it will charge $5 to have one of its ticket agents print a boarding pass. The fee can be bypassed by checking in online and printing a boarding pass at home.

The airline says most customers check in online and print at home anyway, and the fee helps keep airfares low.

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Congressman Weiner's Woes Inspire Spirit Airlines Offer

Joe Raedle/Getty Images(MIRAMAR, Fla.) -- In America, it's possible to make a buck off of mostly anything, including a U.S. congressman's virtual sex scandal.

That's just what Spirit Airlines has done in hopes of capitalizing on Rep. Anthony Weiner's woes.  The New York Democrat with the unfortunate last name, given his current problems, is embroiled in a controversy surrounding lewd photos and messages he admitted sending to several women via texts and through social networking websites.

Spirit clearly was inspired by Weiner's travails.  An e-mail ad that debuted on Tuesday features a hot dog with the tag line, "Check out our BIG Weiner Sale boasting fares just too hard to resist.  Hurry to book now before this sale gets hacked."

Weiner initially claimed the lewd photo that started the scandal was sent after his Twitter account was hacked.

The Spirit Airlines offer sounds like a pretty good deal too, with fares starting at just $9 each way.  The catch is that only members of the Spirit Airlines Fare Club are eligible for the reduced fares on select travel dates.  The offer ends Wednesday.

Other entrepreneurs are also hoping to get rich quick off of Weiner, including online marketplace Café Press, which now sells "Weinergate" bumper stickers and t-shirts that read, "don't tweet your meat."

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