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New iPad Pre-Order Stock Sells Out; Lines Start to Form at Apple Stores

Apple, Inc.(NEW YORK) -- It’s new iPad week -- or at least it will be come Friday when Apple’s newest version of its tablet starts landing in the hands of customers.

The launch stock of the much-anticipated tablet is already depleted. Apple’s online store shows that the new tablet will now ship in two to three weeks. Those who ordered immediately will receive their tablets on Friday, with some people already reporting that boxes have arrived at their local FedEx locations.

Apple isn’t revealing how many it has sold so far — it usually reserves that stat for the Monday after it has started to go on sale — but Apple spokesperson Trudy Muller did tell ABC News that demand has been “off the charts.”

“The quantity available for pre-order has been purchased, customers can continue to order online and receive an estimated delivery date,” said Muller. “Beginning Friday, March 16, the new iPad will be available for purchase at Apple’s retail stores and select Apple authorized resellers on a first come, first-served basis.”

Apple hasn’t announced the exact time the tablets will go on sale at retail stores on Friday, but because the immediate online stock is sold out, lines are expected to be long. And in typical Apple-product-launch fashion, they have already started to form at some stores.

The new iPad starts at $499 and has a higher resolution display, an improved camera, and 4G / LTE capabilities.

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Fujitsu Showcases Waterproof Tablet in Las Vegas

Andrea Smith/ABC News(LAS VEGAS) -- How many times have you “almost” dropped your mobile device into the toilet? Probably more than you’d care to share. At the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas, Fujitsu showed off its waterproof tablet called Arrows available now in Japan. It’s a 10-inch tablet running on the Android operating system and looks similar to the Motorola tablets we’ve seen here in the U.S. And yes, they did completely submerge it in a tank of water to prove their point; it’s waterproof.

Fujitsu also makes waterproof smartphones. No word yet on when they’ll be available here for butter-fingered device users.

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Amazon Introduces Kindle Fire Tablet for $199

Amazon(NEW YORK) -- Amazon, online retail giant, unveiled Wednesday its new Kindle Fire -- a seven-inch, 14.6-ounce tablet computer that everyone in the tech industry immediately tried to size up against Apple's wildly-successful iPad.

Amazon chief Jeff Bezos said the Fire would be far cheaper than the iPad, with a starting price of $199. Apple's starting price for an iPad is $499. The Fire will not have a built-in camera or 3G support, but would connect seamlessly to Amazon's online offerings, which include 100,000 movies and TV episodes, and 17 million songs for download.

The Kindle Fire, which will start shipping to customers on Nov. 15, will have a dual-core processor and a multi-touch display, Bezos said. If you fill the Fire's memory or worry about losing what you've downloaded, Amazon will offer free storage in the so-called cloud, meaning that media you buy will be kept for you online.

Bezos used the day to announce three new products in all, including a new version of the company's e-reader, called the Kindle Touch -- starting price: $99 if you only use a Wi-Fi connection to download books, $149 with a 3G connection.

A version of the original Kindle, lacking the touch feature, will sell for $79.

Wall Street seemed to like what it saw; Amazon stock jumped 3 percent on an otherwise-flat morning. Stock in Barnes & Noble -- which has its own e-reader, the Nook -- fell 7 percent.

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Amazon’s New Tablet to Be Unveiled Wednesday

PRNewsWire/Amazon(SEATTLE) -- The technology world is abuzz over the much-anticipated announcement of Amazon's own tablet, believed to be called the Kindle Fire. While Amazon has remained tight-lipped about the device, some details have slipped out.

Amazon is expected to unveil its tablet at a news conference on Wednesday morning in New York, but the rumor mill has been grinding for months about the features of the wildly-successful Kindle’s following act.

The Kindle Fire will reportedly be a full color, backlit, touchscreen tablet with a 7-inch display and operate with Google’s Android software. Another major selling point is price, at a reported $250 -- half of the base price for an iPad2.

While some believe the product could challenge Apple’s iPad, technology experts say this isn’t likely. With an estimated 29 million iPads sold to date, significant damage to Apple’s sales is improbable. But Amazon hopes the early fall announcement could put a dent in Apple’s sales as the holiday season approaches.

Other attempts at tablets to compete with the iPad have struggled. Companies including Blackberry, Acer, Hewlett-Packard, Samsung, and Motorola have unveiled tablets with little success. Hewlett-Packard recently ditched its faltering tablet.

But Amazon seems to have an edge with its prospective tablet because of its strong following from Kindle and its successful music and movie marketplace. Amazon customers may see the Kindle Fire as a logical and affordable product to supplement the purchases they already make through Amazon.

Magazine publishers Hearst, Conde Nast and Meredith have made deals with Amazon to publish its magazines on the tablet. It took Apple a year to make similar deals with publishers.

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Did Apple Invent the iPad? Samsung Channels Stanley Kubrick in Defense

Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images(RIDGEFIELD PARK, N.J.) -- Sometimes life really does imitate art. In the battle to compete with Apple's iPad, Samsung has channeled the spirit of Stanley Kubrick, the director of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Apple, with its iPad, and Samsung, with its Galaxy tablet, have tangled in court in no fewer than nine countries, with Apple arguing that Samsung has infringed on its patents. Apple has won an injunction against the Galaxy in Germany until at least Sept. 9, where it argued that Samsung "slavishly" copied the iPad's design.

Here in the U.S., Samsung has defended itself with a brief in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, arguing that Apple was hardly the first to think of a flat tablet. In 2001 -- actually shot in 1965 and released in 1968 -- two astronauts on the way to Jupiter watch themselves give a TV interview on what looks very much like an iPad.

Here's part of Samsung's attorneys' argument:

"Attached hereto as Exhibit D is a true and correct copy of a still image taken from Stanley Kubrick's 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey. In a clip from that film lasting about one minute, two astronauts are eating and at the same time using personal tablet computers. The clip can be downloaded online at As with the design claimed by the D'889 Patent, the tablet disclosed in the clip has an overall rectangular shape with a dominant display screen, narrow borders, a predominately flat front surface, a flat back surface (which is evident because the tablets are lying flat on the table's surface), and a thin form factor."

Kubrick's collaborator, the science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke, called the device a "Newspad," and in the book version of 2001 described how a user "would conjure up the world's major electronic papers; he knew the codes of the more important ones by heart, and had no need to consult the list on the back of his pad." He went on: punch in the code for a story and "the postage-stamp-size rectangle would expand until it neatly filled the screen and he could read it in comfort."

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Motorola Xoom Release Presents Competition for iPad 

Photo Courtesy - PRNewsFoto | Motorola(NEW YORK) -- Motorola's answer to the iPad went on sale Thursday. The Xoom is the first tablet to run Google's Honeycomb software designed specifically for slate tablets. USA Today's Ed Baig says the software is slick and makes the Xoom worth considering.

"This is a solid alternative to the iPad," he noted. "Now it's not perfect. Some of the things that are promised aren't there yet; 4G network, that's coming later, Adobe Flash, that's coming later. ... Overall, I think Motorola has come up with a really solid device backed by solid software from Google."

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Google Reveals One Pass System, 10-Percent Fee

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.) - A day after Apple shared its new App Store subscription plan, Google unveiled its new online charging service.

The One Pass system will allow users to get online content for a 10-percent commission fee, compared to Apple's system, which takes a 30-percent cut from publishers.

Google has said the system will work over multiple devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

"Publishers can customise how and when they charge for content while experimenting with different models to see what works best for them," Lee Shirani, the company's director of business product management, wrote in a blog post.

The system will see a primary launch in the U.S., U.K., Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

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