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Realty Firm Offers Raise for Company Tattoo

Gabriel Chapman(NEW YORK) -- Anthony Lolli, founder and owner of Rapid Realty, is giving his employees a chance to show their team spirit and earn some extra cash by getting a tattoo of the company logo on their bodies.

Rapid Realty, based in Brooklyn, N.Y., has 62 locations from New Jersey to Boston and 1,100 employees.

Lolli said about 40 employees have taken him up on his offer for a 15 percent raise if they get a tattoo of the company logo.

It all started about a year and a half ago, when one of Lolli’s top agents worked with a tattoo artist to find commercial space. After the artist suggested he get a tattoo, the agent decided on the company logo.

That inspired Lolli to implement a company-wide program that allows workers to get a 15 percent raise if they do charity work, produce certain benchmarks, mentor a new employee, or if they get inked.

Tyler Evenson, 25, is a licensed real estate agent with Rapid Realty in the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn. He said he was the second person to get a tattoo of the company logo almost two years ago.

“When I did it, we were very proud of our company and where we worked and it was fun for us,” said Evenson, who has the tattoo on his right arm.

Evenson said he has numerous tattoos, so it “wasn’t a new thing for me.”

“When I did it, it wasn’t a big deal for us. I would consider myself a pretty good agent. I had been here for a while and established myself with the company,” he said.

The tattoos are on all sorts of places on the body, Evenson said, mostly on arms, ankles and backs.

When asked if some employees might feel pressured into getting a tattoo, Evenson said he didn’t think so. “It’s a tattoo, so it’s a pretty serious thing. You’re getting something permanently inked on you, so you definitely want it,” he said.

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Tattoo Removal Booms in Slow Job Market

Fredrik Skold/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- With the job market recovering but still shaky, people with tattoos find it even harder to get hired, prompting them to reconsider their body art.

According to The Patient’s Guide, a website comprised of 25 niche publications dedicated to skin care, laser tattoo removal has increased 32 percent over the past year, with many citing employment as a main reason for the treatment.

Dr. Jen Mundt of Delete Tattoo Removal in Phoenix said she sees about 20 to 22 people a day looking to remove their tattoos for prospective jobs.

“The trend I’ve noticed the most is usually college students who have finished their education, and it’s a mistake they made a few years ago, and they’re looking for a job,” Mundt told ABC News.  “And, people who have lost their jobs and are trying to get back into the workforce and gain an edge.”

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Mundt said her clients are primarily concerned with tattoos that are located on the wrist and neck.

She uses laser treatment to get rid of tattoos and said it takes on average about 10 appointments to completely remove a tattoo, with appointments taking place every six weeks. The process can take up to an hour each time.

She said the pain is almost unbearable without the use of a numbing agent, which is injected into the skin prior to the laser zapping the ink.

“The pain is like a really hot band snap with hot burning grease on the end of it,” she said.

Prices vary based on size, but could reach up to $200 per session. Mundt said that although the price is high, especially for the unemployed, it should be viewed as an investment in one’s future.

“It’s like going back to school, yes you can go into debt, but removing your tattoo might help you get along further in your career,” she said.

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More Americans Removing Tattoos in Hopes of Employment

Robert Ginn/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Got a tattoo?  Thinking about getting rid of it?  You're not alone.

According to a survey conducted by The Patient’s Guide, an online skincare reference center, laser tattoo removal procedures have soared by 32 percent this year compared to 2011.

One of the major factors behind this sudden flurry of Americans seeking to remove their ink is the search for work.

Dr. Eric Bernstein, a renowned laser expert from the University of Pennsylvania, says that patients have been telling him “their tattoos are affecting their professional lives.  Many feel that their body could be holding them back and this has resulted in more folks seeking tattoo removal.”

Collecting information from 700 participants in the survey, The Patient’s Guide reveals that employment reasons accounted for 40 percent of those who had tattoos zapped -- up 25 percent from last year.

Other categories included "Name of Ex-Partner/Spouse" (18 percent), "Change of Beliefs" (16 percent) and "Unhappy/Don't Like it' (11 percent).

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