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CES 2013: Tech21 Protects Your Phone … with Goo?

Cassius Kim / ABC News(LAS VEGAS) — Walk the show floor at CES 2013 and you will see more iPhone cases than you could ever have imagined. We’re talking thousands and thousands of cases. But Tech21′s cases actually stick out among the hoards of pieces of plastic and rubber to protect your phones.

The company calls its system “Impactology” and the material inside the case is called D30. It is a non-Newtonian polymer, a gooey orange putty that looks like Gak — until there is impact. That’s when it becomes solid and protective. The material, as you can see in the video, can save your phone if you drop it, or even smack it against the wall. The D30 is injected into the edges of the case.

“We are the only one putting real impact protection material in our cases,” Jason Roberts, Tech21′s CEO, told ABC News. That said, the cases aren’t waterproof or dust-proof like some of the other cases available for phones.

The company sells cases for the iPhone, iPad and select Android phones. Its iPhone cases are available at Apple and start at $34.95.


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