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'Tis the Season... to Tip Your Service Providers

Comstock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Americans have always been known as generous. And as it turns out, we still are -- especially at this time of year.

"This year, 62 percent of those surveyed by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, said they tipped at least one of 15 common service providers we asked about," the report said.

Consumer Reports says childcare providers got the most holiday tips, followed by housekeepers and teachers.

“Think about the people who consistently do a good job for you on a weekly or daily basis,” explains Wendy Bounds, an ABC News lifestyle contributor.

"If your budget is tight, and you just can't afford it, hand-write a note of thanks, because something is always better than nothing," suggests Consumer Reports.

The folks who get tipped the least this time of year? Consumer Reports says it’s those who may just have the dirtiest job -- sanitation workers.

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Holiday Tipping Guide: Don't Forget the Mailman and Babysitter

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- 'Tis the season to show your appreciation to everyone that makes life easier.

"Tipping is for the services you received through the year and a way to guarantee good service throughout the year," says Laura Rowley, a Yahoo! Finance columnist.

Despite an economic climate that has sent the real estate and job markets spiraling downward, holiday tipping is recession-proof. Tipping the babysitter or newspaper carrier is a way of showing your appreciation for services received. It's an act of appreciation that does not depreciate because of economic stressors.

"There's no one more important in a parent's life than the person taking care of a child when they're not home. You don't want to be a Scrooge when it comes to holiday tipping," says Wendy Sachs, editor-in-chief of, a family care organization. And that's even if you don't celebrate Christmas.

So who do Sachs and Rowley advise you tip this time of year?

The nanny, the babysitter, the teacher, daycare provider, hair stylist, newspaper carrier, the doorman, the office assistant, the mailman, the dog walker, housekeeper or cleaning lady, senior citizen care giver, and the garbage collector should all be on your ‘approved’ list.

Who don’t you need to tip, according to the experts? First, there’s the dry cleaner. "That's their business,” Rowley said. “If you want to give a gift, then give a card."

And then, of course, there’s your boss who Rowley says you should avoid giving a gift. She says it could look too much like a bribe.

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