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Yahoo to Buy Tumblr for $1.1 Billion

David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images(SAN FRANCISCO) -- On Sunday, Yahoo’s board of directors approved the purchase of the social networking and blog site Tumblr for $1.1 billion, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Speculation that Yahoo would purchase Tumblr has been building for a while now, after Adweek reported that unnamed sources were expecting a deal. On Friday, Yahoo announced a press event on Monday in New York, Tumblr’s home town.

Under CEO Marissa Mayer’s leadership, Yahoo has purchased several startups as part of the company's efforts to reach a younger, more mobile audience. Tumblr, which is very popular with teens and young adults, is the largest and highest-profile purchase so far.

Tumblr’s founder and Chief Executive David Karp has said in the past that he does not care if Tumblr makes money, and last year the site generated $13 million in revenue – far short of the $1.1 billion Yahoo is reported to be paying for it.

Tumblr does have an expansive and growing user base, with 117 million unique users world-wide as of March of this year.

There has been no official word that Tumblr’s board has also approved the deal, The Wall Street Journal notes.

Yahoo stock dipped 0.23 percent, to $26.52, in trading Friday when the press event was announced.

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Google Glass Highlights Tech World's Gender Disparity

David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- The marketing videos for Google’s Glass show a diverse group of people wearing the digital glasses. But a new website has popped up that points out that the first group of people wearing them might not exactly be so heterogeneous.

A new Tumblr page, White Men Wearing Google Glass, features a number of pictures of, yes, white men wearing the glasses. “In its favour, if Google Glass didn’t exist, all these Silicon Valley guys would be having affairs or buying unsuitable motorbikes,” the tagline of the blog reads.

The site, which is run by an anonymous author, has been shared thousands of times in the last few days on Twitter.

When reached by ABC News, Google would not comment on the ratio of male to female Google Glass explorers, which is the group of people who applied to test the first round of the product.

Google has begun testing the Explorer Edition of the glasses, which overlay digital information in the world, in the last few weeks with select application developers and early adopters. Yes, one of the men even tested them in the shower.

“Glass is designed by and for people from all walks of life and we hope everyone will have a chance to enjoy it down the road. Our next step is to make Glass available to participants of our #ifihadglass initiative, which was designed to bring a diverse group of people into the Explorer program,” Google said in a statement.

The #ifihadglass initiative opened up Glass availability to the public. The current wave of glasses are being given to those who signed up at the Google I/O developer conference last year when the glasses were first previewed. However, the #ifihadglass contest, which was launched this year, allowed anyone to submit their ideas of what they would do with the glasses.

But while Google might not be firing back at the Tumblr, another group is – women. In response to the original site, a new Tumblr called Women with Glass has popped up. The site was started by Christina Warren, a senior writer at, and a few other female technology journalists who have been testing Glass.

“I thought, ‘Why do we not have a women-with-Glass Tumblr? We aren’t unicorns!’” Warren told ABC News.

Warren admitted there are “considerably less women” Explorers, mostly because there are fewer female software developers.

“Most of the first females to have this are journalists,” Warren said. “Other than those at Google proper, there doesn’t seem to be that many female developers who have the Explorer Edition.

The underrepresentation of women in the tech world, especially the world of software developers and coders, is nothing new – though there has been a great effort to change that. Groups like Girls Who Code and Change the Ratio have been formed with the goals of recruiting and supporting more females in the technology world. In fact, Google will be holding a women in technology gathering at its upcoming Google I/O conference.

“When you are talking about developers, you are looking at a more lopsided gender ratio,” Rachel Sklar, the founder of Change the Ratio, told ABC News. “It highlights what we already know is an issue, which is that we have a very homogenous class of people with access to next-gen technology.”

But while it might not be the norm, there are some female software developers out there not only wearing Glass but making apps for it. Macy Kuang, 25, ordered her pair last year at Google I/O and received them last week.

“I started working on a bike-sharing app last night. I want to be able to use them to find where a nearby bike station is,” Kuang told ABC News.  ”I don’t have any plans to make other apps, but there are a lot of possibilities.”

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A Tough Week for the Internet as Major Sites Experience Outages YORK) -- Last week it was YouTube for a few minutes, but this week it was more than just the streaming video service that wasn't available to Internet users.

Earlier this week, Amazon's Web Services went down causing sites that rely on Amazon's servers to go down too. Popular sites like Reddit, Pinterest, and Foursquare all experienced outages as a result. The outage lasted for a few hours on Tuesday, and naturally many took to Twitter to complain about the fact that people couldn't get to their services. Twitter itself experienced its fair share of outages.

On Friday a separate outage occurred. Google's App Engine, which powers other sites, along with Dropbox and Tumblr experienced outages. The outage lasted close to two hours for many of the services.

"At approximately 7:30 am Pacific time this morning, Google began experiencing slow performance and dropped connections from one of the components of App Engine. The symptoms that service users would experience include slow response and an inability to connect to services," Google wrote on its site.

Similarly Tumblr tweeted about the outage: "Tumblr is experiencing network problems following an issue with one of our uplink providers. We will return to full service shortly." Two hours later, Tumblr tweeted that the errors had been fixed and it was back online.

"It used to be back in the day, four or five years ago, systems weren't dependent on each other. But now even standard websites -- the things people go to all the time -- are made up of 50 or 100 services that are serving ads and tracking information," Brian Gracely, a Cloud computing expert and editor of, explained to ABC News. "If one of the big services or an Amazon or Google goes down it can affect hundreds of other services."

Tuesday and Friday's outages don't appear to be related, but according to the Internet Traffic Report, traffic across the web in North America declined Friday. The Next Web points out that the same report shows that there was a loss in packet data, which measures reliability of Internet connections.

These issues do not appear to be weather related either. However, many Internet providers will be preparing as Hurricane Sandy makes its way to the East Coast.

"These companies, like Google and Amazon, run the equivalent of what used to be 20th century factories. They are really large and occasionally they have an outage because they have a power failure or weather issues," Gracely said. "It happens periodically, and it used to happen more than we knew, but nowadays we are so connected we know about it more," told ABC News.

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Report: Americans Spend More Time on Facebook than Other Websites

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Nielsen Media Research, the company that measures TV viewership and provides ratings, recently examined social media in the U.S. and discovered Americans spend more time on Facebook than they do on any other website.  Nielsen’s “State of the Media: The Social Media Report” reveals that during May 2011, Americans spent more than 53 billion total minutes on Facebook.

Blogger was ranked a distant second with 723.8 million total minutes, followed by Tumblr with 623.5 million minutes.  Americans spent 565.2 million total minutes on Twitter in May 2011 and 325.7 million minutes on LinkedIn.

Additional findings from Nielsen’s "State of the Media: The Social Media Report":

-- Social networks and blogs dominate Americans’ time online and now account for 22.5 percent of total time spent on the Internet, followed by 9.8 percent for online games and 7.6 percent for email.
-- Nearly 40 percent of social media users access social media content from their cellphones.
-- Internet users over the age of 55 are driving the growth of social networking through the Mobile Internet.
-- Seventy percent of active online adult social networkers shop online, 12 percent more likely than the average adult Internet user.
-- In a sample of ten global markets, social networks and blogs are the top online destination in each country, accounting for the majority of time spent online.

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