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Report: Chinese Hackers Breached US Chamber of Commerce's Servers

Brendan Hoffman/Bloomberg via Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- It would appear that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has more to worry about than the current state of the economy and its constant battles with the Obama administration.

The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday morning that Chinese hackers managed to finagle their way into the Chamber’s computer servers and compromised the sensitive information of three million of its members, virtually gaining access to everything stored on the systems.

The hackers took about six week’s worth of emails from four employees working on Asian policy, according to the Journal, before the operation was shut down in May 2010.

Two people familiar with the top business-lobbying group’s internal probe say the Chinese hackers might have had free reign of the Chamber’s computer servers for up to a year before the FBI informed officials about the breach.

One of the suspected culprits is believed to be linked to the Chinese government, the Journal said.

Meanwhile, Geng Shuang, spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in Washington, denied that China was behind the hacking scheme, saying that its accusers “lack proof and evidence.”  Shuang claimed that cyber attackers are outlawed in his country and that China has also been a victim.

Since the breach, the Chamber of Commerce has bolstered its detection equipment and forbids employees from taking portable devices to certain countries, including China.

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US Chamber of Commerce Offering Job Help to Veterans

US Chamber of Commerce(NEW YORK) -- As thousands of troops prepare to come home soon from Afghanistan, those who choose to leave the military may have difficulty finding work.  The unemployment rate for veterans is already well above the national average.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce hopes to alleviate this by launching a nationwide campaign to find jobs for veterans.

"What we're doing is connecting employers with those veterans," Kevin Schmigel of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce says.

The former Marine notes that most vets make great workers, saying, "90 percent of all military occupations are directly transferable to jobs in the private sector."

Schmigel and the lobbying group are organizing a series of major job fairs for veterans that will provide advice on how to get a job.  During the events, vets will get a chance to "talk about what their skill set in the military will mean to a company," he says.

"I think they also need to take some time to sit down with people and do interviews," Schmigel adds.

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US Chamber of Commerce President on Shutdown: 'Pain in the Neck'

ABC News(WASHINGTON) -- What does the business community think of a possible federal government shutdown?

U.S. Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Tom Donohue said Friday it would be a “pain in the neck” but only severely effect businesses and the economy if it were to last “several weeks.”

“I’ve been telling people, let’s do this. Push it right up to the line, do whatever you have to do, but let’s not shut down the government,” Donohue told reporters at a breakfast meeting in Washington.

“It’s happened many, many times, but we’ve got a million things on our plate all around the world. It would be helpful not to do it,” he said. “If it happens and it’s in a short period of time, it’s a little bit of a mental exercise and we go out and do it and get on with it.”

Donohue, who declined to assign blame for the budget gridlock, said he believes the looming debate over the debt limit and long-term entitlement spending has more serious implications for the business community and economy as a whole.

The Obama administration has warned of dire consequences unless the $14.3 trillion ceiling is raised before the debt limit is reached, likely sometime before May 31.  But Congressional Republicans have threatened to block an increase unless the administration commits to curtailing entitlement spending.

The Chamber’s top lobbyist, Bruce Josten, said the he expects Republican lawmakers will ultimately agree to raise the debt limit, but not without concessions from the administration.

Donohue described relations between the business community and the White House as cordial, saying he appreciates steps President Obama has taken to “change his song.” But he suggested that on matters of substance, little has changed.

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Chamber of Commerce President Reacts to Election Results

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- After Tuesday's election results, U.S. Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Thomas J. Donahue issued a statement saying that American voters sent a "powerful message to Washington."

Donahue said voters chose job creation and economic growth over more government spending and "burdensome regulations that have caused crippling uncertainty for businesses" as the Republican Party regained control of the House Tuesday.

"We agree with voters across the nation who clearly stated that a strong and vibrant private sector is critical to reviving our economy, creating jobs, and putting us on a path to long-term growth," said Donahue in a written statement.

Despite accusations by the Obama administration over the last month that the Chamber of Commerce was using foreign money to fund pro-Republican political ads, Donahue pointed to a need for bipartisanship, saying, "we will work with members of both parties who support policies that enable businesses of all sizes to do what they do best -- create jobs, opportunity and prosperity."

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