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Poll: Washington to Blame More Than Wall Street For Economy

Spencer Platt/Getty Images(NEW YORK ) -- Considering the exhaustive media coverage the  Occupy Wall Street movement has garnered, the findings in a new USA Today/Gallup Poll may come as a surprise. Although some Americans may be Occupying Wall Street, more than double the number that blame companies for their economic plight blame the federal government more: 64 percent of Americans blame Washington, versus the 30 percent blame Wall Street for the poor economy, the poll reveals.

While 54 percent say the economic system is personally fair to them only 44 percent say it is not.  And though 78 percent say Wall Street bears a great deal or a fair amount of blame for the economy, 87 percent say the same about Washington.

This poll not only brings to light the frustration shared by the majority of Americans, but also the disagreement over how to change the status quo.  

It shows that although most Americans are paying attention to the protest movement, they don’t know enough to take a clear position, as 43 percent don’t know enough to say whether they support the movement’s goals. Not helping is the fact the "Occupy" movement itself has no clear goals: interviews with protesters nationwide show they range from eco-activists to communists to anarchists and just about every fringe group in between.

When it comes to the fairness of the economic system, 49 percent of Americans without a college degree say it is unfair, while only 34 percent of college graduates do.

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Walmart CEO: Inflation 'Serious' Concern

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Walmart CEO Bill Simon says American consumers could face “serious” inflation in the coming months for clothing, food and other products.

“We saw it start to come in late last year -- commodities, certainly cotton,” Simon told USA Today’s editorial board on Wednesday. “There's a lot of the places showing up now in dairy, and we're starting to see it come into things that are transportation-related, like paper.”

Simon said his company is trying to keep costs down by working directly with its suppliers, but admitted that Walmart is “seeing cost increases starting to come through at a pretty rapid rate.”

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Report Shows Airline Fees Have Jumped By 50 Percent

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- As the holiday travel season approaches, Americans should prepare to face higher expenses than they have in the past.  Monday's USA Today reports that airline fees have jumped, some by more than 50 percent, since 2009.  According to the newspaper's analysis, fees for checked bags have increased by almost $10 since a year ago and booking a reservation over the telephone can now cost more than $30 on some airlines.  The fee increases comes as travelers are already absorbing news of higher holiday ticket prices. Though more people are flying as the economy recovers, airlines haven't added flights, leading to packed planes and higher prices.

The airlines made a record $2 billion in fees alone during the second quarter of this year, according to USA Today. Fees have been levied on everything from blankets to ticket changes to walking an unaccompanied child to the gate.  One of the biggest problems consumers face with fees is that they make it harder to compare the cost of tickets among airlines.´╗┐

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