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Website Lets Businesses Share Notes on Bad Customers

Matt Stachel(NEW YORK) -- Customers can rate businesses on sites like the hyper-local Yelp, but where can businesses go to share comments about bad customers?

Matt Stachel, a landscape contractor in Feasterville, Pa., created just the website:

“ is the consequence of a bad customer,” Stachel, 33, said.

"I have worked for plenty of bad customers.  It really was just frustrating always seeing the one-sided story in the media or on Angie’s List or Yelp: the poor customer who gave a contractor a deposit and the contractor left.  Or a restaurant go-er will write, ‘My fork was smudged and I’ll never go back.  They stink,'” he said.

For $15 to $99, business owners can do the same about negative customer experiences.  Business owners can write about customers anonymously, sharing details about customers who, for example, reneged on a contract, warning other businesses to stay away.

“I get there are some bad business owners,” Stachel said.  “I’m not saying there are not.  But where’s my story of customers that my friends and I deal with?”

He likens the site to a reverse Better Business Bureau.

“We are just a resource for the service provider or business owner to rate and review their customer.  We give you the ability to know about your customer before you do an estimate and we empower you with the resource to help get money owed to you when you’ve worked for that customer,” Stachel said.

Stachel reviews every post before it goes on the site, making sure there aren’t profanities and that the member sticks to the facts.

He said many people ask him if there are concerns about slander.

“I always clear up for people that we’re no different than Angie’s list or the Better Business Bureau, or than the food critic that works at the newspaper judging an outlet,” he said.

Stachel said he started working on the site in 2009 and it launched in October 2009.  Membership recently started ballooning after the Philadelphia Metro newspaper and Philadelphia Inquirer wrote about him earlier this month.

He said membership is around 2,500 and growing, with over 11,000 page views on Monday alone.  He tries to work on the website every night from 6 p.m. to about midnight, plus weekends.

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Consumerist Website: Was It Hacked?

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- The consumer advocacy website Consumerist, which has been down nearly a week, had a spotty return Wednesday afternoon using the online publishing platform WordPress and alternate content.

Owned by the non-profit group Consumers Union, publisher of the venerable consumer testing site Consumer Reports, Consumerist publishes stories about consumer customer service issues and news.

The site normally requires users to register with an email address and password to comment on stories. However, the commenting functionality was temporarily disabled on an alternate version of the website posted Wednesday via its new hosting provider while Consumerist investigated its problems, a spokesman said.

On the new Consumerist site, a Q&A called “What’s Up With Consumerist?” said that the site “received reports that some of our pages had been altered to begin redirecting our traffic to spam websites. We took down [sic] as quickly as possible and began investigating.”

Consumerist was investigating if it has been hacked and will publish its findings on the site and notify users via email.

“The passwords are secured in accordance with industry best practices,” the Q&A said. “They are salted and hashed. As a matter of prudence and good practice we always recommend that you do not use the same password at more than one site, including Consumerist.”

Over the summer, Consumerist notified registered users that it had two “security issues.”

“We do not yet know for sure whether any user names, email addresses, or passwords were compromised; all password files were encrypted,” the site said at the time.

Michael Schreiber, editor-in-chief of the money and security site, said it was “strange” that Consumerist may have been targeted because it is a site devoted to consumer financial protection.

“They have a long history advocating for the little guy,” he said.

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Bank of America Site Experiences Delays for Second Straight Day

Davis Turner/Getty Images(CHARLOTTE, N.C.) -- For the second consecutive business day, the Bank of America homepage was down Monday, following spotty service this weekend.

Bank reps insisted that the website was not down because of hackers or malware, but because of traffic.

That server-busting traffic by some of Bank of America's 29 million online customers immediately followed the bank’s announcement of a $5 monthly fee it was imposing for debit card usage.  Time magazine’s blog implied much of that traffic was heading toward the exit, calling the debit card fee a “New-Coke level blunder.”

A Bank of America spokesperson told ABC News on Monday that “Online banking is not down.  Most customers are able to bank.  We have simply taken some proactive measures to manage customer traffic during peak hours during the day, which may result in some customers experiencing slowness or access issues.”

There’s no way to tell how many Bank of America customers are actually closing their accounts, or if that is indeed what’s happening.

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Bank of America Site Down after Announcing $5 Fee

Davis Turner/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- A day after news that Bank of America would hit some debit card customers with a $5 monthly fee, the bank’s home page went down, reported Friday morning

Many users reported not being able to access their accounts after logging on through the home page. By midday eastern time, the site was still experiencing sporadic problems.

A Bank of America spokeswoman said some customers were experiencing issues, but that “everything is fine now.”

She added that while the bank doesn’t comment on specific technical issues, this “had nothing to do with yesterday or hacking or anything to do with customers information being compromised.”

Some users received the message: “We apologize, but Online Banking is operating slower than usual. We are working to restore full service as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.”

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Target's Website Crashes over Demand for Missoni Collection

Alex Wong/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- People looking to get their hands on the limited-edition Missoni for Target collection crashed the big-box retailer’s website Tuesday, leaving many shoppers disappointed.

Target issued a statement saying it was working to get the site back up and running.  As of Wednesday morning, it remained down.

The 400-piece collection has been Target’s biggest and most buzz-worthy limited edition collaboration yet.  Items range from $2.99 to $599.99 and include exclusive clothing designs by the Italian fashion house for the retailer, as well as housewares and a bicycle sporting Missoni’s signature zig-zag pattern.

For all those shoppers who were up at the crack of dawn, feverishly putting what they wanted in their virtual baskets, it seemed there were just as many in the brick-and-mortar stores stripping the shelves.

Seventy shoppers queued outside a Dallas Target store Tuesday morning, the Dallas Morning News reported.  Racked said New York City Target stores in Harlem and Brooklyn were sold out in mere minutes.

Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel was even spotted at Target’s Harlem location getting her hands on some of the goods before they were cleaned out in a lightning-fast 15 minutes.

People who can’t wait for Target to restock their shelves can purchase pieces from the high-low fashion collaboration on eBay.  By Tuesday afternoon, the search “Missoni for Target” yielded 3,000 results, with hefty markups.

Missoni for Target will remain in stores until Oct. 22, that is if it lasts that long.

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Groupon May be Headed to China

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(CHICAGO) -- Internet deal site Groupon Inc. appears to be getting ready to set up shop in China.

According to published reports, the Chicago-based company is teaming up with one of China’s largest internet companies, Tencent, to launch a discounted goods website in China. The company has reportedly set up a Beijing office and is in the process of hiring staff to handle its China operations. Staff at the Beijing office say the company will operate under the name, a website registered by someone from Shenzhen-based Tencent.

Groupon was launched in Nov. 2008, and features daily deals on a variety of products and services from more than 300 markets and 35 countries. The company already has offices in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America.

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MasterCard's Website Hacked by WikiLeaks Supporters

Photo Courtesy - MasterCard(PURCHASE, N.Y.) -- Hackers launched a coordinated attack on MasterCard's website Wednesday in response to the company's decision to cut off money transfers to WikiLeaks.

The credit card company issued a statement saying its corporate website,, was "experiencing heavy traffic" and that its "working to restore normal speed of service."

An activist group known as 4chan and an online hacking group called Anonymous are reportedly behind the attack that's being called "Operation: Payback.  They are believed to be targeting companies that have severed ties with WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange.

Following the attack, Anonymous posted on their twitter account Wednesday: " is DOWN! #ddos #wikileaks Operation:Payback (is a [expletive]!) #PAYBACK."

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