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CableWiFi: Cable Firms to Join on 50,000 Hotspots

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Being a Bright House, Optimum, Xfinity, Cox Communications, and Time Warner Cable subscriber is about to get a bit better.  Or at least it will if you’re the type that’s always searching for a public WiFi hotspot.

Five of the nation’s largest cable companies have teamed up to allow their customers to access over 50,000 hotspots that they will jointly be rolling out across the country.  When you see the “CableWiFi” network name, you’ll be able to login with your cable company account and start surfing the web or checking email.

Even if you are outside your cable territory, you will be able to log on.  That means if you pay for Time Warner Cable in New York, you’ll still be able to log on to the CableWiFi network in Los Angeles or Las Vegas.  Access will be free for any paying cable subscriber.

The first CableWiFi networks have already been implemented in parts of New York City and central Florida.  According to a statement put out by the companies, the network will be rolling out to each of the cable companies WiFi hotspots in the next couple of months.

All the 50,000 hotspots will eventually be listed at

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AT&T to Cap Smartphone Data Usage

David McNew/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- AT&T says it will no longer offer unlimited data usage to wireless customers, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The no. 2 wireless carrier will soon put limits on the amount of data customers can use on a plan.  Any data consumption over three gigabytes a month will result in a significant reduction in Internet download speeds and possibly additional fees for video, apps and music downloaded over the wireless network, AT&T says.

According to The Wall Street Journal, AT&T's new cap on data usage will mean the differences separating the company's $30 unlimited plan (which enforces a usage cap at three gigabytes) and its $30 tiered plan (which charges more for data used over three gigabytes) will blur. WSJ reports the wireless carrier will apply the new limits to each device on unlimited family plans as well.

AT&T says one reason for introducing data usage caps stems from its need to better manage its network and improve service for users.  It also recently sent letters to wireless subscribers who still use the carrier's older, 2G network, asking them to trade their devices up to 3G models, WSJ reports.

Worried about exceeding your data limit?  Here are some tips The Wall Street Journal suggests to conserve your data:

  • Use Wi-Fi as much as possible -- at home, hotels and other places offering wireless internet service.
  • Download Internet content onto your device directly from a computer.
  • Opt for lower resolution when downloading video content.
  • Use smartphone apps like My Data Manager for Android or iPhone to help you track your data usage.

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