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Don't Stand So 'Clothes' to Me at Work

Digital Vision/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- "Dress for success, go easy on the excess" should be a rule of thumb on the job, according to a digital media company Captivate Network’s survey of 600 white collar workers.

Women who think that flaunting their cleavage will get them noticed might be right about that but in the wrong way, with 87 percent of senior managers stating that it’s more of a distraction than anything else.

Just over three of four senior managers say that short skirts shouldn’t be worn at the workplace, while 91 percent of women surveyed say that see-through clothing is particularly distracting.

Also on the list of women’s clothes bordering on being inappropriate at work are spaghetti straps, tight dresses or blouses, and hot pants.

Close to half of senior managers aren’t keen on their female employees wearing flip-flops, while 55 percent of women think that men should eschew this informal kind of footwear.

And there’s the issue of tattoos, which appears to me largely a generational thing. Just over six in ten people 50 and older feels that ink should be covered up while two-thirds of 35-to 49-year-olds don’t see any problem with their fellow workers showing their tats.

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What to Wear to Work This Summer

Hemera/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Although summer is officially under way with record-breaking heat, we must remember not to dress for the beach if you’re heading to work.  

According to CareerBuilder’s Michael Erwin, “When the weather gets this warm it’s really going to be common sense.  Make sure you wear something that’s still going to be professional.  That still allows you to be cool.  And when you get to the office make sure you cover everything up, because it’s probably going to be cold in there as well.”

Footwear can be a major faux pas.  Erwin says, “While flip-flops may be good to get you to the office when you get there you may want to change into more professional shoes.”

Lastly, when in doubt ask your boss directly what the summer dress code is before standing out at the office.

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