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Zynga Launching Restaurant Equivalent to FarmVille

Zynga(NEW YORK) -- Sure, you can build a virtual farm in FarmVille or a city in CityVille, but do those really hit the spot? Zynga, the company behind those other Villes, is now launching ChefVille, the restaurant equivalent of those other titles. You’re more than just the chef when you play — you’re the restaurant owner, designer, and manager as well. The goal is to create your dream restaurant.

“The lure of owning a restaurant has become a popular culture mainstay. From books to reality cooking shows, people’s interest in owning a restaurant is at an all-time high,” ChefVille General Manger Jonathan Knight told ABC News. “ChefVille brings that dream of owning a restaurant to life — complete with ingredient cultivation and specialization, dish mastery and customer service — without the actual growing pains of owning a real restaurant.”

You choose the cuisine (American, Italian, French, etc.), the decor, and the items on the menu. As in FarmVille or CityVille, you are given the tools you need to build your own restaurant, and as the game progresses, your Facebook friends help by coming to dine at your restaurant and contributing ingredients. You will also be able to buy food and ingredients in the game with real money.

But there is more of a real-world tie in with ChefVille than the other Villes. The “Game to Table” feature emails real recipes to you once you reach a certain level. There are more than 50 real recipes you can earn.

To start, ChefVille will be dominated by your friends’ own virtual restraints, but Zynga might get a bit more creative in what other restaurants you can dine at or what chefs serve you.

“While we can’t discuss any specific plans, we see a great opportunity to bring in well-known chefs, restaurants and brands from the culinary world into the game. We’re already calling on our players to submit their own recipes to potentially be included in ChefVille,” Knight said. So don’t be surprised if Emeril or McDonalds pop up.

Zynga, which recently went public, has faced criticism about its ability to earn money. The company is planning to launch a number of board games in partnership with Hasbro during the holidays.

When ChefVille launches this week, be careful about how much you eat — your avatar in the game can actually gain weight as you play.

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Zynga's Online Games Transformed into Board Games 

Hasbro(NEW YORK) -- The old-fashioned and digital game worlds might finally be coming full circle this fall. Your favorite social online games from Zynga -- Words with Friends, FarmVille, Draw Something and CityVille -- are being turned into board games by Hasbro.

"For the first time, players will be able to play Words With Friends, CityVille and FarmVille online and face-to-face," Hasbro chief marketing officer John Frascotti said.

The two companies struck a deal and have been working to translate the popular online social games to the face-to-face games we all remember.

Here are more details on all the games coming out this fall:

CityVille Monopoly ($24.99, October)

Say good-bye to Park Place and Go to Jail. This is CityVille Monopoly, where you can actually build skyscrapers with stackable buildings. The first to build four skyscrapers wins. And, as you will see with the other games, there is a digital tie-in. Each game includes 85 City Cash dollars (the in-game currency in CityVille). There's also a CityVille Skies iPad app.

Hungry Hungry Herd ($22.99, October)

Zynga and Hasbro actually have translated FarmVille into a new Hungry Hungry Hippos. Although, in this case, the Hippos are now farm animals, including a horse, pig, sheep and cow. The four-player game still works in the same way; all chop to fight for the food, or you know, marble. The $22.99 game comes with $50 of farm cash in-game currency.

Words With Friends ($19.99, October)

Here's where it really comes full circle. Instead of just buying Scrabble, Hasbro and Zynga want you to buy Words With Friends, the board game. You get tiles, a tile rack and a Word With Friends game board. Double Word and Triple Letter words are front and center. There's also a LUXE version with a large, rotating board for $39.99.

Draw Something

Zynga and Hasbro aren't revealing too much about the Draw Something game, but you can expect it to look and feel a lot like Pictionary. This one will be out in later October or early November.

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Zynga‚Äôs Ruby Blast Arcade Game Hits Facebook

Zynga/Facebook(NEW YORK) -- Another day, another Zynga game to keep you entertained during those boring conference calls. Zynga released Bubble Safari a few weeks ago. Now the social gaming king is announcing a new arcade-style game — Ruby Blast.

The game will remind you of Bejeweled. You match the color of the gems to each other and try to blow up or eliminate all the gems in the mine. The more you do, the higher your score. There are Power-Ups to help you along.

Like Bubble Safari, there is a fun character tie-in. Ruby Blast is an intrepid female archeologist who travels around the world and digs up treasures.

And, of course, being that you play it on Facebook (or social networking is a key part of the game. “Our twist here is that we have put your friends into the game board,” Jonathan Grant, Zynga Design Director, told ABC News. If you have friends who have played the game, they will show up in the mine to help and provide power.

Ruby Blast is the first game to come out of Zynga’s new Seattle office and is the first Zynga game to use Adobe Flash 11, which improves the game’s graphics. It will be available this week through Facebook and There is no mobile version of the game yet.

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Zynga CEO and the Value of 'Boring Conference Calls'

Zynga(LOS ANGELES) -- Zynga, maker of such popular social games as Words With Friends and Farmville, has seen lots of growth with its mobile games, but the CEO of the company, Mark Pincus, isn’t worried about the disappearance of the PC.

“I think Facebook will be important on the Web and the PC, and it has the potential to be important for us on mobile,” Pincus said at the All Things D conference in Los Angeles. “But let’s not forget the opportunity on PCs. A lot of the traffic happens when people are at work on boring conference calls.”  Most of Zynga’s traffic, Pincus said, occurs during work hours while players are on their computers and logged into Facebook.

Still, Pincus and Zynga remain focused on mobile. It just hasn’t become the main revenue driver yet.

“Mobile lets you put play in your cab or on the train. And it’s growing very quickly. But in mobile we’re still at an early stage where we’re building audience,” Pincus said on stage. “Our games are monetizing well in that space, but the audience is still small and growing. It’s going to take a while for the aggregate revenues to get where we want them.”

Zynga most of its money through sales of virtual goods — those poker chips or farm animals you can purchase while playing its games.

Pincus spoke about the recent acquisition of Draw Something and said it was too early to tell if it was a successful purchase.

He did make one thing clear: The company doesn’t plan to get into the hardware business. When asked by interviewer Kara Swisher if the company would get into gaming consoles, Pincus answered in one word: “no.”

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