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There's No Place Like Home...Provided It Has Lots of Bedrooms and Toilets

iStock/Thinkstock(WASHINGTON) -- American homeowners can't seem to have too many bedrooms or toilets.

The most recent Census Bureau report finds that not only are people building homes that are bigger than ever before, but 44 percent of these houses feature four or more bedrooms.

This desire for size and convenience has also compelled homeowners to include more toilets.

In fact, a third of new homes now come with at least three toilets, meaning that in some cases, they outnumber the inhabitants.

There are two problems with this phenomenon, according to the National Association of Clean Water Agencies. For one, there are worries that all these extra toilets will lead to more clogged sewer problems although this seems to have more to do with people tossing in things like baby wipes, paper towels and other articles that are best discarded in garbage bags.

Far more serious is the amount of water wasted by toilets, about three-to-six liters per flush. Multiply that by several flushes per day and it contributes to the nation's diminishing clean water supply.

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