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Tips for getting the most out of travel

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- "Millennials are the experience generation," says travel expert Brian Kelly, founder of the website, The Points Guy. "They are the ones saving money to go on trips, trying new destinations, and sharing their travel experiences on social media."

Kelly has found, however, the intense interest in travel is not just limited to one generation. He tells ABC News:

"Everyone wants to travel these days... and it's not just getting on a plane and going to an all-inclusive resort. It's encouraging people to get out in their local communities and expand their mindsets."

Creating enriching experiences, rather than just trying one destination after the next, is one of the driving forces behind the enthusiasm.

That is why Kelly is partnering with Capital One on its content series, The Purpose Project, which looks to help people create meaningful experiences and save money in the process.

One of Kelly's tips when it comes to finding a meaningful experience: research local destinations.

For instance, Kelly recently visited the Stone Barnes Center for Food and Agriculture in Tarrytown, New York, approximately an hour outside of New York City. There, he says he learned about organic farming, ate delicious food, and honed a personal interest in sustainability.

Through these experiences, Kelly says he learned a lot about a new place as well as himself. Kelly found that such a local destination also saved him money on certain travel expenses, such as paying for gas or a plane ticket.

He says finding these types of local spots is not the only way travelers can limit their travel costs.

It is “critical” to maximize credit card points, he tells ABC News, and encourages people to try and understand each detail of their credit card rewards programs because "they're not all created equal."

He recommends getting cards that offer flexible, transferrable points, so people can spend their earned points on any type of experience. The more a person can redeem, Kelly says, the more they will be able to have an enriching trip.

People can learn more about creating their own meaningful moments by following the link to The Purpose Project here.

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