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Top Excuses Drivers Use to Get Out of a Ticket

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- If you've ever been pulled over by a cop for some kind of driving infraction, you've probably thought of a way to escape the situation with nothing more than a warning. wanted to know the types of excuses people use to try and get out of tickets, virtually all of which fall on deaf ears.

Five hundred drivers provided with various excuses and, for the most part, there’s nothing too outrageous.  Here are the top 11 excuses:

1. I couldn't see the sign telling me not to do it: 20.5 percent
2. I'm lost and unfamiliar with the roads: 15.6 percent
3. I didn't know it was broken: 12.4 percent
4. Everyone else was doing it: 6.4 percent
5. I'm having an emergency situation in my car. (i.e. a hot drink that spilled.): 5.4 percent
6. I missed my turn/exit: 4.8 percent
7. I had to go to the bathroom: 4.6 percent
8. I didn't do anything dangerous: 4.2 percent
9. I was on my way to an emergency. (i.e. the proverbial friend who needs help.): 4 percent
10. My GPS said it was the right thing to do: 2.2 percent
11. I'm just helping out; I wasn't even supposed to be driving. (i.e. the car’s owner is drunk.): 2 percent

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