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Where to get a free or cheap cup of joe on National Coffee Day

moodboard/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Friday is National Coffee Day, which means java lovers across the nation can score great deals on their cup of joe -- even getting it for free in some cases.

Caffeinated chains have taken to social media to tell customers how they can fill their mug for no charge.

Here's just a few of the places you can grab some cheap or free coffee to get through the daily grind that we call Friday:

Dunkin' Donuts is giving away a free medium hot coffee when you purchase another coffee of the same or larger size:

McDonald's is selling its small McCafe for $2.

Krispy Kreme is taking National Coffee Day and making it a weekend affair, extending the offer through Oct. 1. The offer includes one free hot brewed coffee of any size or one small iced coffee. You can only get one per day.

If you live in a region that has a Wawa, they're giving away a free cup of coffee at any size.

In states with Peet's Coffee, you can get a free cup of coffee and 25 percent off fresh beans.

Cinnabon is giving their customers a free 12-ounce coffee on Friday, but just try getting out of there without buying a sweet treat.

Even some gas stations are participating, such as 7-Eleven. If you're a member of its rewards program, you get one free cup of coffee the entire weekend.

If local coffeehouses are more your bag, then call them or visit their social media pages to see if they're offering anything special in honor of the "holiday."

And for those wondering, Starbucks is not participating in discounts, but the chain plans to commemorate the day by showing customers how their coffee purchases have made a difference in the world.

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