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Why Community Colleges Are Rejecting the 'Community'

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- The word “community” has a warm and fuzzy connotation, but not necessarily when it’s attached to the word “college.”

As it happens, a growing number of administrators are excising the "community" from two-year schools as it seems to signify that the education students get at these institutions is not up to the standards of four-year colleges.

Case in point: virtually all of Florida’s community colleges have undergone name changes with some even listing themselves as "state" colleges.

According to Tim Westerbeck, president of education consultant Eduvantis, “The changes are driven by a desire to remain more market relevant in the eyes of prospective students and employers.”

Another fairly recent trend is that community colleges in 21 states, more than twice as many as a decade ago, are conferring certain bachelor’s degrees that take just two years to earn.

However, removing “community” from the college is not supported by all, with some educators believing that it eschews the mission of these schools, that is, to make them available to virtually everyone, regardless of their previous academic standing.

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