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Your Ad Here: Toilet Paper Features Coupons

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Ever get the urge for to read something while you’re “conducting business” in the bathroom stall? Well, a couple of brothers from Rye Brook, N.Y., have just the answer -- and it’s literally at your fingertips.

Jordan and Bryan Silverman concocted two-ply toilet paper that features coupons redeemable through their company’s website, Star Toilet Paper.  It can be done by either scanning the sheet with a cellphone or downloading the coupon from the website.

The marketing plan allows potential clients to advertise on environmentally safe paper with print made from soybean-based ink.  What’s more, venues that select Star Toilet Paper get their rolls free of charge.

At the moment, 50 advertisers are on board, including nationally known companies ranging from Ben and Jerry’s to local businesses. 

Jordan, the older of the brothers who came up with the idea while he was a student at University of Michigan, is thinking about doing the same thing with paper towels, also in the bathroom.

If the coupon idea takes off, the Silvermans would like to see their toilet paper in the lavatories of bars, movie theaters and other places where traffic is brisk.

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