Robert Downey Jr. Confirms He'll Be in "Avengers: Infinity War"

ABC/Randy Holmes

(LOS ANGELES) -- Robert Downey Jr. has confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that he will indeed appear in Avengers: Infinity War

It was all but certain that his Tony Stark/Iron Man would appear in the film, which will unite dozens of characters from Marvel's Cinematic Universe, but this was the first time Downey's acknowledged it. 

"We have a start date!," he noted. "That's, you know, when you start shooting. So I have yet to be released from my Marvel contract! You heard it here first!"

Downey Jr. will reprise the role in the forthcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming, taking the young Peter Parker under his wing -- and providing the fledgling superhero some high-tech web wings in addition to other Spidey suit upgrades. Tom Holland, who, played the hero in Captain America: Civil War, gets his own film, co-produced by Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios, which is owned by ABC News' parent company Disney.   

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Sexual Harassment Fight Between Fox News' Megyn Kelly and Roger Ailes Heading to Theaters

ABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua(NEW YORK) -- Charles Randolph, who won an Oscar for the screenplay for the financial meltdown drama The Big Short is taking on the sexual misconduct flap between former Fox News chairman Roger Ailes and one of his former star personalities: Megyn Kelly. 

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Megan Ellison's Annapurna Pictures grabbed the rights to Randolph's pitch, which will detail the Kelly File host's allegations that one of the most powerful men in media made repeated unwanted sexual advances towards her.  

The allegations against Ailes became headline-grabbing news even before Kelly's new memoir, Settle for More, was released. Another Fox News personality, Gretchen Carlson, sued Ailes and Fox News for sexual harassment -- and eventually settled for $20 million.

Ailes stepped down from his post in July. He was also named in a $50 million sexual harassment suit from another former Fox News personality, Andrea Tantaros.  

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"Office Christmas Party" and "Deadpool" Star T.J. Miller Arrested

Alex J. Berliner / ABImages(LOS ANGELES) -- T.J. Miller, who can be seen in theaters in Office Christmas Party -- and as the host of the Critics' Choice Awards on Sunday -- was arrested in Hollywood early Friday morning, the Los Angeles Police Department tells ABC News affiliate KABC-TV.

The LAPD said around 1 a.m., they responded to the call from a victim -- who the cops only said was a driver for a transportation company, and who asked for a citizen's arrest on the Deadpool star. 

Miller was arrested for battery, and later freed on 20 thousand dollars' bail.

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Eighth "Fast and the Furious" Movie Titled "The Fate of the Furious"

ABC/Ida Mae Astute

(LOS ANGELES) -- Ahead of a full trailer launch on Sunday, Universal has released a sneak peek of its upcoming eighth movie in the Fast and the Furious franchise -- along with the revelation of the action flick's title: The Fate of the Furious.

The brief teaser shows street racing, massive explosions, and all the over-the-top action one would expect from a film series that began humbly: Vin Diesel and his pals stealing DVD players from 18-wheelers. The snippet also gives a glimpse of this film's baddie: Oscar winner Charlize Theron. 

The movie, which also stars Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Kurt Russell and Helen Mirren, opens April 14.

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Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik Duet on New Single from "Fifty Shades Darker"

UniversalThe movie’s trailer just dropped Wednesday, giving us our first taste of the sequel.  Now Taylor Swift has teased a duet with none other than Zayn Malik for a song from Fifty Shades Darker.

Taylor released a video snippet of “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” just before midnight Thursday, on her Twitter and Instagram, set to scenes from the film.




Taylor sings, “I gave you something, but you gave me nothing.  What is happening to me?”  Then Zayn takes over: “I don’t wanna live forever, ‘cause I know I’ll be living in pain.”

It’s not known who wrote the song -- Taylor, Zayn, both of them or someone else entirely.

“I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” is available now on iTunes.  Fifty Shades Darker is out February 10.

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Shemar Moore Says "The Bounce Back" Was a "Cliff Dive" to Make Happen, but His Fans Have His Back

L-R: Shemar Moore, Nadine Velazquez, Bill Bellamy, 2016 - Liquid Soul(NEW YORK) -- Shemar Moore will be leaning on his "baby girls" to support his upcoming romantic comedy, The Bounce Back.

Moore, who spent eleven seasons as Special Agent Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds, says leaving the show for other opportunities was a risk, but he believes that his loyal fans will have his back.

"We don't have that studio, so this truly is me jumping off a cliff because I believe and I believe that my homies, my fans and my baby girls got my back," Moore tells ABC Radio. "And they're going to come out and rah-rah style on December ninth."

To bring this film to light, Moore took on the role of producer, distributor and financier which he acknowledges was no easy feat.

"I executive produced it, I put the pieces together, I found the production crew, I found the distribution," he says. "I mean I'm distributing it myself. My production company, we're getting into the theaters ourselves. There's no studio backing, there's no distribution house." 

Yet to the actor, the experience was worth it because, he says, "This is my little baby."  

The Bounce Back hits theaters on December 9.

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"Spider-Man: Homecoming" Trailer Premieres on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

(LOS ANGELES) --  As promised, the first trailer for the new Spider-Man movie -- Spider-Man: Homecoming -- premiered last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Tom Holland, who debuted as the web-slinger in Captain America: Civil War, returns as Spidey-slash-Peter Parker.  

The trailer begins with Spider-Man effortlessly busting up an ATM robbery, then back in school pining away for the beautiful Michelle, played by ZendayaRobert Downey Jr. appears in more than just a cameo as Tony Stark, giving Peter advice -- and later, flying alongside a web-swinging Spider-Man in the trailer's closing shot.

Michael Keaton also oozes malice as the villainous Vulture, threatening Peter and everyone he loves, including his Aunt May, played once again by Mariss Tomei.

Spider-Man: Homecoming opens July 17, 2017.

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"Office Christmas Party," "Miss Sloane" Among Weekend's New Films

Jessica Chastain in “Miss Sloane”; Kerry Hayes/© 2016 EuropaCorp – France 2 Cinema(NEW YORK) -- Here's a look at the new movies opening nationwide Friday:

* Office Christmas Party -- When uptight CEO Jennifer Aniston tries to shut down a branch of the company run by her hard-partying brother, played by Silicon Valley's T.J. Miller, his chief technical officer, Jason Bateman, throws an epic office party in order to woo a big client and nail a big account that can save the branch. Kate McKinnon and Courtney B. Vance also star in the holiday-themed comedy. Rated R.

* The Bounce Back -- In this romantic romp, a relationship guru and best-selling author, played by Criminal Minds' Shemar Moore, falls for a therapist -- Major Crimes' Nadine Velazquez -- who's skeptical about his methods. The Bounce Back opens in limited release only. Rated PG-13.

* Miss Sloane -- Jessica Chastain is a powerful lobbyist who will stop at nothing to beat an equally powerful opponent. Also starring John Lithgow and Sam Waterston. The film expands this weekend to wide release.  Rated R.

* La La Land -- Ryan Gosling stars as a jazz pianist who falls in love with an aspiring actress, played by Emma Stone, in this retro musical from Whiplash writer/director Damien Chazelle that also features J.K. Simmons and John Legend. La La Land, which is generating serious Oscar buzz, opens in limited release only. Rated PG-13.

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Review: “Office Christmas Party” (R)

L-R: T.J. Miller, Courtney B. Vance and Rob Corddry in “Office Christmas Party”; Paramount Pictures(NEW YORK) -- Office Christmas Party is the equivalent of a major league baseball roster that has an all-star at every position -- yet the team finishes in last place.

This cast! C’mon! Jennifer Aniston, Kate McKinnon, Jason Bateman, T.J. Miller, Olivia Munn, Vanessa Bayer, Jillian Bell, Randall Pak, Rob Coddry -- the list goes on. I mean, do you really even need a plot?  Just put ‘em all in a room, set up the cameras, turn on some lights, yell “Action!” and start filming. The results are bound to be hilarious. Right?


The six people who wrote this movie -- that’s right, six, not counting any lines the cast improvised -- set up the the titular party as a means to save the Chicago branch of a company called Zenotech. T.J. Miller, one of the rare comedians whose mere presence is funny, plays Clay Vanstone. He runs the Chicago office, which he inherited from his father. His sister, Carol (Aniston), the interim CEO of Zenotech, hates her brother and gives him until the end of the night to close a 14-million-dollar deal with with a company represented by Walter Davis (Courtney B. Vance).  If he doesn’t, she’ll shut down the office.

Recently-divorced Josh Parker (Jason Bateman) is Zenotech’s chief technical officer and Clay’s best friend. He also supervises Tracey (Olivia Munn), a genius developer who, conveniently -- meaning as a plot device --  has been working on a revolutionary idea.

But that’s not important right now. What’s important is Clay, Josh and Tracey need to “close” Walter -- and the only way to do that, obviously, is to throw the wildest Christmas office party ever!

I’m not saying this movie is bereft of laughs. Even teams that finish last can make a few good plays, and this talented cast is going to give us some funny moments, regardless.  But this is a serious case of a bunch of writers who couldn’t get out of their own way.  

The funniest “party” movies feature plots born out of natural circumstances.  That just doesn’t happen here.  Office Christmas Party offers a number of contrivances to unnecessarily raise and complicate the stakes. Undeniably, Miller is going to hit nine out of 10 times.  Jillian Bell continues her ascent toward the top of Hollywood’s funniest actor list, and Courtney B. Vance, Emmy and Tony winner that he is, fully commits to the best-written character in this movie, and nails it.

But the rest of Office Christmas Party, and it’s formidable cast, is wasted.

Two out of five stars.

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First Look: John Cena Tackles The Wall for "Bourne" Director Doug Liman

ABC/Randy Holmes(LOS ANGELES) -- WWE superstar-turned Trainwreck scene-stealer John Cena is shown in a new light in a war-set thriller called The Wall.

Cena stars alongside Avengers: Age of Ultron's Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the film, directed by Doug Liman, whose credits include The Bourne Identity and the Tom Cruise sci-fi action film Edge of Tomorrow

The movie finds Cena and Taylor-Johnson playing a U.S. military sniper-spotter team, who are both shot and injured by an unseen sniper. While the pair bleeds -- Cena's character out in the open, and Taylor-Johnson's protected only by a crumbling brick wall -- the enemy sharpshooter harasses them both with bullets and bluster, teasing them over their communicators.

Cut off from help, the pair's only chance of survival is to somehow find and eliminate the unseen gunman before it's too late.

The movie opens March 10, 2017.

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