Watch Jason Momoa go all Khal Drogo about that 'Game of Thrones' finale

ABC/Eric McCandless(LOS ANGELES) -- (SPOILER ALERT) (NOTE LANGUAGE) It looks like former Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa wasn't too happy with the show's finale, either.

In a now-deleted Instagram video that a fan captured, Momoa records his reaction to the underhanded murder of his former onscreen wife Daenerys Targaryen, at the hands of Jon Snow. F*** you." the actor says plainly. "F***ing punk."

The video picks up later in the episode, with Dany's dragon torching the Iron Throne into slag. "F***!" Momoa screams, likely echoing millions of fans at that moment. "Ahhh!" he screams, in a war cry that could have come from his fearsome onscreen character Khal Drogo.

Momoa did not delete two videos of himself looking into the camera, seemingly frustrated and slightly teary eyed, as the HBO show's closing theme plays.

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Strange indeed: New Coke coming back for 'Stranger Things' season three tie-in

Netflix(LOS ANGELES) -- Coca-Cola is leaning into what is considered among the biggest marketing misfires of all time by bringing back New Coke as a clever tie-in to the '80s-set Stranger Things.

AdAge reports that since the Netflix's show's third season is set in 1985, it's the perfect period for the soda to make a comeback. The trade noted that, "no money exchanged hands," between the soda company and the streaming service, which doesn't run commercials.

Barry Smyth, head of global partnership marketing at Netflix, tells the trade that bringing back the drink -- which only spent 79 days on the market before Coca-Cola reverted to its original formula -- started as a joke by Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer.

The third season of the acclaimed paranormal series hits Netflix on July 4 -- right around the time you can taste the soda giant's failure for yourself...for a limited time.

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James Gunn says 'Brightburn' helped him get through Disney firing drama

L-R: director David Yarovesky, Producer James Gunn/Photo: Eric Charbonneau - © 2019 CTMG(NEW YORK) -- Guardians of the Galaxy series writer/director James Gunn is on the rebound, following his firing last year -- and eventual rehiring -- by Marvel Studios' parent company Disney for Vol. 3.

However, things weren't looking so bright last year, after his Marvel movie career came to a screeching halt when old, offensive tweets of his were unearthed.

Gunn apologized for the comments, and to fans, and to Disney executives. He also took a couple of jobs: writing and directing assignment for The Suicide Squad for Warner Bros. and producing the thriller Brightburn for director David Yarovesky and Sony Pictures. It hits theaters Friday.

The movie flips the Superman story on its head: an alien falls to earth as a baby, and is raised by human parents -- but instead of growing up to fight for truth, justice, and the American way, the kid in Brightburn uses his superpowers for evil.

The project was, "definitely something I could focus on," after the firing, the filmmaker tells USA Today. "I like to work, so Brightburn was a great help to me when I wasn't doing anything."

However, Gunn says he didn't produce Brightburn as a distraction from the drama. "Any time I feel like I'm using something as an escape, I usually feel like that's an unhealthy type of thing," says the filmmaker, who has been open about his struggles with addiction in the past.

"I just had fun making Brightburn. I was excited to make a movie with the people that I loved and cared about the most, with a concept that I thought was really dynamite," he adds.

Gunn was reinstated by Disney in March. There's no release date set yet for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

Disney is the parent company of ABC News.

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Dracarys! Over 19 million people watched the 'Game of Thrones' series finale, says HBO

HBO(LOS ANGELES) -- Love it or otherwise -- and the dust from that debate's definitely going to take some time to settle -- a whole lot of people tuned in to watch the series finale of Game of Thrones.

HBO says a series record 19.3 million people watched Sunday night's broadcast, when you add up the views on HBO, HBO GO and HBO NOW.  That handily beats the previous record 18.4 million people who watched the penultimate episode on May 12. 

HBO says the Game of Thrones series finale also set a single-telecast viewing record for any show in their history, topping the previous record-high 13.4 million people who watched the season four premiere episode of The Sopranos on September 15, 2002.

HBO's award-winning dark comedy Barry, starring Bill Hader and Henry Winkler, definitely benefited from the Game of Thrones lead-in Sunday.  Its season two finale, which aired immediately after GoT, posted a series record 2.2 million viewers, HBO says, more than four times what its first-season finale drew.

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'The Bachelorette' recap: A night of drag queens, roller derby and chicken nuggets

Luke P. and Hannah; ABC/John Fleenor(NEW YORK) -- Monday’s episode of ABC's The Bachelorette was a wild night of drag queens, roller derby and chicken nuggets.

The first group date included Grant, Luke S., Mike, Jed, Jonathan, John Paul Jones, Dylan and Luke P., all of whom got to experience a little of Hannah’s world when they competed in “The Mr. Right Pageant.” First, each of the eight bachelors, coached by a trio of drag queens, strutted their stuff on the runway wearing nothing but a Speedo.  That was followed by a talent competition.

Luke P -- the clear winner of the runway portion of the competition -- had Hannah “sweating” as he paraded and flexed his well-chiseled body.

Jed, the Nashville-based singer/songwriter, seemed to have the talent portion locked up when he played guitar and serenaded Hannah with an original song about being her “Mr. Right.” However, Luke P stole Jed’s thunder by delivering a speech that ended with him telling Hannah that he was “genuinely falling in love” with her -- not exactly a talent, but enough to earn him the title of “Mr. Right.”

Luke’s speech may have won the competition but it didn’t sit well with the other guys, who thought it was way too soon to start throwing around the “L” word -- particularly Mike, who delivered an after-party toast to “people just being real, being honest” and not “overstepping your bounds.”

Hannah felt differently, telling the camera after speaking privately with Luke that she absolutely believed him and that he said “everything my heart needs him to say.”

Mike wasn’t finished with Luke, though, calling him a “dog” to his face and questioning how he could fall in love so quickly. Luke answered, “If I want something, I’m going to go and get it.”

Ultimately, it was Jed who scored the group date rose from Hannah, who said that he “calmed” her.

Back at the mansion, the first one-on-one date card went to Tyler G. It was a fairly non-eventful outing that consisted of the two riding through the mud on a pair of ATVs, followed by a rooftop dinner at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.  After opening up about their hopes and dreams, Hannah gave Tyler the date rose.

The second group date went to Devin Matteo, Daron, Connor J, Kevin, Dustin, Tyler C., Joey, Peter, and Garrett, all of whom who faced off in a roller derby competition hosted by comedian/actor Fred Willard and The Bachelorette’s Chris Harrison. Daron proved to be the superstar in this competition, leading his group to a decisive victory.

Afterward, Hannah and the guys settled down for what they thought would be a relaxing night, during which they could each get some time alone with Hannah.  However, Cam -- one of the only men who hadn’t been picked for a group date -- took matters into his own hands and crashed the party, irritating the other men who hadn't yet gotten time alone with Hannah.

Despite a scolding from Tyler C., Garrett and Kevin, Cam -- whose motto is ABC, “Always be Cam” – was unapologetic, telling Tyler, “We all signed up for this knowing that this comes with the territory, anybody could’ve done what I did. You don’t have to ask for permission, you’ve gotta follow your heart, dude.”

When order was restored, Dustin picked up the date rose, winning Hannah over with his “shy and quiet” personality.

Cam was only getting started, though. At the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party, he interrupted Kevin’s time with Hannah by having the three of them take part in a bizarre “chicken nugget ceremony” that consisted of them eating the nuggets surrounded by a bunch of rose petals lined up in the shape of a heart. He then pulled out what appeared to be a ring box, which actually contained honey mustard sauce.

Luke P. was also just getting started. After taking Hannah to another room and giving her a message -- and another look at his six-pack abs -- the two began making out. That led to an awkward encounter with the other Luke, who walked in on them.

At the rose ceremony, Hannah said goodbye to Connor J., Daron, Peter and Matthew.  It looked like the show was over, but Cam and Luke P. weren’t done.

After Cam made a toast to “Hannah Ayala” -- his last name, as he explained -- Luke walked in on Hannah as she was addressing the camera with some final thoughts to close the episode. Luke repeated his earlier claim that he “felt like everything in time stopped” when he looked in her eyes for the first time, and that everything he’d been telling her is “100 percent true.”

Hannah, who seems smitten with Luke, seemed to believe him, and the show ended with them wrapped in each other’s arms.

Here are the 18 remaining suitors:

Cam, 30, software sales from Austin, TX
Connor S., 24, an investment analyst from Dallas, TX
Devin, 27, a talent manager from Sherman Oaks, CA
Dustin, 30, a real estate broker from Chicago, IL
Dylan, 24, a tech entrepreneur from San Diego, CA
Garrett, 27, a golf pro from Birmingham, AL
Grant, 30, unemployed from San Clemente, CA
Jed, 25, a singer/songwriter from Nashville, TN
Joey, 33, a finance manager from Bethesda, MD
John Paul Jones, 24, John Paul Jones from Lanham, MD
Jonathan, 27, a server from Los Angeles, CA
Kevin, 27, a behavioral health specialist from Manteno, IL
Luke P., 24, an import/export manager from Gainesville, GA
Luke S., 29, a political consultant from Washington, DC
Matteo, 25, a management consultant from Atlanta, GA
Mike, 31, a portfolio manager from San Antonio, TX
Tyler C., 26, a general contractor from Jupiter, FL
Tyler G., 28, a psychology graduate student from Boca Raton, FL

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One Queen mother to another: Emilia Clarke hopes Beyoncé will "still like" her after 'Game of Thrones' finale

HBO/Helen Sloan(LOS ANGELES) -- While many Game of Thrones fans are still upset with the unexpected turn that Emilia Clarke's character Daenerys Targaryen took during the show's eighth and final season, the actress says she's only really concerned about one person's opinion: Queen Bey.

In an interview with The New Yorker, Clarke revealed that she met Beyoncé earlier this year at Jay-Z’s Oscars after-party at the Chateau Marmont. During the event, Clarke said Bey came up to her to confess her love for the Mother of Dragons, calling Clarke "brilliant."

During that moment, however, Clarke felt conflicted, considering she knew her character would soon go on a genocidal rampage, killing the citizens of King's Landing with dragon fire.

"All I wanted to scream was 'Please, please still like me even though my character turns into a mass-killing dictator!'” she said. "'Please still think that I'm representing women in a really fabulous way.'"

As for her character's dramatic shift? Clarke says she could understand why Daenerys decided to go rogue.

"We all have that thing," she said. "Whether it's binging on chocolate or drinking seventeen bottles of wine or having an affair."

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Report: Mel Gibson looking to hire Jamie Foxx, Peter Dinklage, Michael Fassbender for 'Wild Bunch' reboot

ABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua(LOS ANGELES) -- Oscar winner Mel Gibson is reportedly trying to rustle up an A-List posse for his next directorial foray, a remake of Sam Peckinpah's seminal western The Wild Bunch.

According to Deadline, Oscar winner Jamie Foxx is on Gibson's radar, as is Academy Award nominee Michael Fassbender, and Game of Thrones veteran Peter Dinklage, for what's being called a "contemporized remake" of the film, which followed past-their-prime gunslingers looking for one last score.

Gibson's last job behind the camera was 2016's Hacksaw Ridge, which won two technical Oscars, and was also nominated for Best Picture and earned star Andrew Garfield a Best Actor nomination.

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Oprah Winfrey gives half-a-million dollars to high school after-school program

Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for THR(NEW JERSEY) -- Oprah Winfrey had a major surprise for a high school in Newark, New Jersey after she found out that its Lights On program is instrumental at keeping kids off the street. 

According to ABC News affiliate WABC, Winfrey surprised West Side High School's Principal Akbar Cook on Friday night by donating $500,000 to help keep his Lights On program up and running. 

The program is designed to offer students a safe place to hang out on Friday nights. Til 11 p.m., kids can shoot pool, play video games, hit the hardwood, practice cheers or even lay down tracks in a recording studio. 

"I haven't lost any more kids to gun violence since the start of the school year," Principal Cook said in April. 

He says those life saving results can't be ignored. 

Cook garnered headlines last summer when he installed a laundry room after some students were bullied because of dirty clothes which led to them consistently missing school. 

He says there has been a 10 percent increase in daily attendance since he opened the laundry room. 

Winfrey's gift will help the program operate three nights a week over the summer. 

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Julianna Margulies loved 'Game of Thrones' finale: "That's how it should end"

ABC(NEW YORK) -- While many people were disappointed with the Game of Thrones series finale Sunday night, the show satisfied at least one famous fan.

Julianna Margulies stayed up to watch the episode despite her early morning call time at Good Morning America on Monday and for her, it was worth it.

"I have to say, I know a lot of people are sad about the ending and I'm sad it ended, but I thought it was fantastic," she tells ABC Radio. “I loved it. I loved the ending. I thought that's exactly right, that's how it should end."

The self-proclaimed "geeky fan" was particularly excited to get to work with Liam Cunningham -- who plays Ser Davos on GoT -- on the upcoming mini-series The Hot Zone. She says her husband, who introduced her to the show in the first place, has never been more impressed with her job.

"So my husband led me through the journey of Game of Thrones and actually I think of everything I've ever done, being able to work opposite Liam Cunningham was the biggest feather in my cap for my husband," she says.

The Hot Zone debuts on NatGeo on May 27.

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Oops, they did it again...and again: Fans spot water bottles in 'Game of Thrones' finale

HBO/Helen Sloan(LOS ANGELES) -- Two weeks after a stray coffee cup was spotted on a table in Game of Thrones -- spawning a million memes, and billions in free advertising for Starbucks, even though it wasn't a cup from the coffee giant -- fan saw water bottles on the set of the final show.

Millions tuned in to watch Sunday night's series finale of the HBO sword-and-sorcery show, and one of those was Twitter user BethIsLoco -- who recorded "a water bottle in King's Landing!"

The offending conveyance was poorly hidden behind the boot of actor John Bradley, who played Samwell Tarley on the show.

Another eagle-eyed fan saw another bottle in the same scene, set in the amphitheater. User Bala Yogesh noted, "It's not just there, I actually found the second water bottle next to Ser Davos. So water bottles are a common thing in Westeros."

"At this point they trolling us," commented Mihrimah Irena.

More than one commenter sniped that the continuity errors were emblematic of a final season some saw as lackluster. "...Even the editors didnt want to watch it," KC jabbed.

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