Oscar Nominations to Be Announced This Morning

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in "La La Land"; Dale Robinette/Lionsgate(NEW YORK) -- The nominations for the 89th Academy Awards will be announced this morning, and one film’s definitely the frontrunner.

La La Land, a modern-day musical starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling as a jazz pianist and an aspiring actress, won a record seven Golden Globes earlier this month, including Best Actor and Actress nods, and is expected to pick up nominations in many of the major categories this morning, including Best Original Song.

MoonlightFencesLionManchester by the Sea and Hidden Figures are also frontrunners, but the R-rated action comedy Deadpool could also find its way onto the list.

Manchester by the Sea's Casey Affleck and FencesViola Davis also took home acting awards at the Golden Globes and have a good shot at Oscar nods, along with Davis' Fences co-star and director, Denzel WashingtonAnnette Bening may be nominated for Best Actress for her role as a single mom trying to raise her son in the '70s in the film 20th Century Women.

Other films to keep an eye on are ArrivalHell or High WaterJackieSullyFlorence Foster Jenkins and Loving.

Actor Ken Watanabe, actresses Jennifer Hudson and Brie Larson, along with cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki and film director Jason Reitman are among the Academy members who will join its President Cheryl Boone Isaacs to reveal the nominations today.  Unlike previous years, when the press was invited to a live announcement event, this year's nominations will be announced via a global live stream on,, the Academy’s digital platforms, a satellite feed, and local broadcasters, including ABC's Good Morning America.

Jimmy Kimmel will host the 89th Academy Awards, airing live from Hollywood's Dolby Theatre February 26 on ABC.

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"The Bachelor" Recap: A Match Made in Milwaukee? 

ABC/Craig Sjodin(NEW YORK) -- On Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor, Nick Viall called it one of his favorite weeks ever -- but it’s likely Corinne didn’t feel the same.

As Vanessa continued to confront Nick about his behavior with Corinne in the bouncy house, Taylor and Sarah went directly to Corinne -- warning her the other girls were upset with her and she’d better get her act together.

At the rose ceremony, the other women hoped Corinne was headed home, but ultimately, Nick saved the last rose for his trouble-making bouncy-house partner. Christen and Brittany were sent on their way.

This season, hometown dates came a little early, as the entire troupe headed to Milwaukee, Wisconsin where Nick grew up. Danielle L. spent the day exploring Nick’s favorite haunts, even managing to make an encounter with one of his exes go smoothly.

At dinner, Danielle opened up about how her own parents’ divorce made her uneasy about finding happiness for herself. The night ended with a rose for Danielle and a surprise serenade, as she and Nick danced while country singer Chris Lane performed his latest hit, “For Her.”

With the show relocated to dairy country, it only made sense that the group date would be on a dairy farm. From feeding and milking cows, to shoveling poop -- the ever-troubled Corinne was having none of it. Sitting out the poop-scooping portion of the date once again landed her in hot water with the rest of the bachelorettes.

With a rose on the line, both Sarah and Kristina clashed with Corinne, as they questioned her intentions. Feeling neglected by Nick, Corinne decided to steal some one-on-one time, which much to her dismay ended without a kiss. Things only got worse for her when Nick excitedly awarded Kristina the rose.

Nick seemed to connect with his most promising partner so far, choosing Raven for a one-on-one date to a soccer game with his little sister, Bella. Raven not only won Bella over, but got to meet Nick’s parents as well. As the soccer game transitioned to a trip to the skating rink with Bella and her friends, Nick and Raven’s connection only seemed to grow.

On a romantic nighttime date at the Milwaukee Art Museum, Raven opened up about catching her most recent boyfriend in the act of infidelity. Nick seemed unfazed even by the uncomfortable details, and wasted no time giving Raven a rose.

Meanwhile, Corinne and Taylor continued on their collision course, as each was determined to set the other straight.  The show ended with the promise that only one of them will survive next week’s episode.

We’ll find out which one it is, when The Bachelor airs next Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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Priyanka Chopra Talks About Her "Quantico" Concussion, and How Amy Schumer Helped

ABC/Phillippe Bosse(NEW YORK) -- Tonight, ABC's twisty spy drama Quantico returns, and its star, Priyanka Chopra appeared On Live with Kelly, to promote the show and its new Monday at 10 p.m. Eastern time slot. 

However, Kelly Ripa and her guest co-host Anderson Cooper wanted to know if the Bollywood superstar was okay, considering she suffered a concussion on the show's New York set last week.

"I wish I had a better story to tell, where I would be like, 'I was doing these stunts, and, you know, somebody hit me in the jaw,' Chopra joked, "but I just slipped on a rainy day...It was such an anti-glamorous way of getting a concussion."

Priyanka noted that she slipped, hit her head on a car bumper, then on the ground. "So I was rushed to the ER -- but I still...finished the scene," she joked, earning an "Attagirl!" from Ripa.

Chopra explained that although it's apparently an "old wives' tale," her doctor recommended she not go to sleep after suffering the brain bruise, leading to a recovery method that involved a famous comedienne.  

"I did have someone waking me up every two hours to see if I was fine. I wasn't supposed to watch TV or read anything...So I ... couldn't do anything. So I had a weekend off with just Amy Schumer in my ears, listening to her new book, because I couldn't do anything else. Which was great," Chopra joked, "I love the book."

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Producer of "A Dog's Purpose" Explains What Happened on Set

Universal Pictures - 2017(LOS ANGELES) -- Gavin Polone, a producer of A Dog's Purpose, has spoken out about the now-infamous video taken on the film's set that depicted a dog being pushed into turbulent water against its will.  Polone, who's also a columnist for The Hollywood Reporter, wrote an essay for the publication condemning the footage, but explaining the context in which it was taken.

Although he was not on set the day the German shepherd named Hercules was allegedly forced into the water, Polone wrote that he found the footage to be "absolutely inexcusable."

"The dog trainer should have stopped trying to get the dog to go in the water as soon as the dog seemed uncomfortable, and the trainers should have had support under the dog as soon as he came to the side of the pool and/or had less turbulence in the water so he never would have gone under," Polone wrote.

"The American Humane Association representative who is paid by the production to 'ensure the safety and humane treatment of animal actors'....should have also intervened immediately on both of those parts of the filming," he added. "So should have whomever was running the set. Those individuals should be held accountable and never used again by that studio or its affiliates."

Polone said that Hercules was "spooked" because he'd rehearsed the scene from a different side of the pool, and added that when the position was returned to the original one, "The dog was comfortable and went in on his own."

Polone also disagreed with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal's call for a boycott.  Lisa Lange, senior vice president at PETA, responded to Polone in a statement provided to ABC News.

"What matters is that...this dog made his feelings known, loud and clear, about being forced into rushing water...yet into the water he was made to go," the statement said.

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"Suicide Squad" Director Wishes He'd Made The Joker the Main Villain

2016 - Warner Bros. Pictures(LOS ANGELES) -- In a grateful response to a fan's tweet that called the polarizing movie "a masterpiece," Suicide Squad director David Ayer posted a heartfelt note that is even getting respect from the film's detractors.

"I know it’s a controversial film, I really tried to make something different, with a look and a voice of its own," Ayer wrote. "I went for it."

He then admitted, "...I know Squad has its flaws, Hell, the World knows it. Nothing hurts more than to pick up a newspaper and see a couple years of your blood, sweat and tears ripped to shreds. The hate game is strong out there."

"The movie was wildly successful commercially," Ayer continued, admitting that part of the process was learning where the movie strayed.  Ayer feels much of that comes down to Jared Leto's Joker, who was only in the movie for a few minutes.

"Wish I had a time machine. I’d make Joker the main villain and engineer a more grounded story," said Ayer; many say the movie suffered for putting a group of grounded anti-heroes, like Margot Robbie's bat-wielding fan fave Harley Quinn against an ancient supernatural demon.

Still, Ayer said graciously, "I have to take the good and bad and learn from it. I love making movies and I love DC. I’m a High School dropout and used to paint houses for a living. I’m lucky to have the job I have. I have to give the characters the stories and plots they deserve next time. Real talk."

He also added, for good measure, "And no, there isn’t a secret edit of the film with a bunch of Joker scenes hidden in a salt mine somewhere."

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Stephen Colbert to Host the 2017 Emmy Awards 

Scott Kowalchyk/CBS (NEW YORK) -- They don't even take place until September, but the 2017 Primetime Emmy Awards have a host -- Stephen Colbert.  It'll be Colbert's first time hosting the telecast, which will air live from L.A. on Sunday, September 17 on CBS.

In a statement the chairman and CEO of the Television Academy, which hands out the Emmys, says, "He's a formidable showman and we are delighted to begin working with him and the entire CBS team.”


Colbert himself noted -- in a nod to White House press secretary Sean Spicer's comments about how many people watched the inauguration -- that "This will be the largest audience to witness an Emmys, period. Both in person and around the globe.”

Colbert is now the host of CBS' Late Show with Stephen Colbert. His previous show, The Colbert Report, won multiple Emmys.

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Yuge: Alec Baldwin to Host "SNL" for Record 17th Time

Andrew LipovskyNBCNEW YORK) -- Alec Baldwin, virtually a fixture on Saturday Night Live since now-President Donald Trump became the Republican front-runner, will step back onto the stage at Studio 8H for the 17th time as host on February 11.

NBC has announced Baldwin will return ahead of the premiere of his animated film Boss Baby, with Ed Sheeran making his second appearance as the show's musical guest.

Baldwin is beating his own record; Steve Martin has hosted the show 15 times since 1976. 

Saturday Night Live will return with the first of two back-to-back new shows, with Kristen Stewart hosting on February 4 alongside another SNL first-timer, "Know-It-All" singer Alessia Cara.

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Linguist Studies Why Brits Made Good Baddies in Movies

2016 - Lucasfilm(NEW YORK) -- The late Alan Rickman’s Hans Gruber in Die Hard; Peter Cushing’s Tarkin in Star Wars; Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter; Tom Hiddleston as Marvel’s Loki.

Examples abound, but just why do Brits make good baddies?

Writing in the online academic journal Jstor, linguist Chi Luu notes "Whether it’s Nazis, Romans, countrymen, or other bad guys of yesteryear (regardless of actual country of origin), it seems the prestige accent of villainy ... has typically had something in common with the Queen: namely, the Queen’s English, a dialect that is at the same time both terribly posh and deliciously evil."

She analysed the tongues under those famously stiff upper lips, and found that to those Americans she surveyed, British accents come across as "more educated but less trustworthy ... sincere and friendly" than non-RP [non-British accented] counterparts.

Writing in the online academic journal Jstor, Luu said that makes for, a "good start for a villain."

What's more, Luu cites studies that reveal we "love" hearing different accents, and part of the appeal of a British accent is that it's just more exotic sounding to those in the former Colonies.

Interestingly, however, the roles are reversed with popular music, with British acts often affecting American accents when they sing.

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"Episode VIII" Will Be Called "Star Wars: The Last Jedi"

Lucasfilm - 2015(LOS ANGELES) -- There is an official name for Episode VIII.

Lucasfilm just announced that it will be called Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

This is fitting since 2015's The Force Awakens ended with Daisy Ridley's Rey tracking down Mark Hamill's Luke Skywalker, who had been in hiding from the villainous First Order.

The title may be referring to Luke as the last Jedi or maybe someone else...perhaps Rey, who has shown she is Force sensitive, thanks to her beat-down of Kylo Ren in Episode VII.

Or, it can refer to more than one -- as the plural of "Jedi," like "samurai" is also the singular form.

"We have the greatest fans in this or any other galaxy," Disney and Lucasfilm said in a statement. "In appreciation of the fans, we wanted them to be the first to know the title of the next chapter in the Skywalker saga: STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI."

Rian Johnson, the director of the film, said he's had this title in mind for a while.

"It was in the very first draft I wrote," he told USA Today earlier this month.

Carrie Fisher had already completed her scenes as General Leia Organa for Episode VIII before her death last month.

The film is set to be released nationwide on Dec. 15.  Disney is the parent company of ABC News and Lucasfilm.

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"Zoolander No. 2," "Batman v Superman" Lead 37th Razzie Nominations

Paramount Pictures - 2016(LOS ANGELES) -- A day before the Academy Award nominations make headlines, The Golden Raspberry Award Foundation has announced the nominations for its annual 37th Razzie Awards, which recognize the worst in movies over the past year.

Leading the list was Zoolander No. 2, which earned nine nominations to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's 8.

According to the Razzie Awards organizers, "2016 was so overfull of bad movies," that this year's awards were expanded from five nominees to six in each of its nine Worst Achievement in Film categories.

Here's the full list of nominees:

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Dirty Grandpa
Gods of Egypt
Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party
Independence Day: Resurgence
Zoolander No. 2

Ben Affleck / Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Gerard Butler / Gods of Egypt & London Has Fallen
Henry Cavill / Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Robert de Niro / Dirty Grandpa
Dinesh D’Souza [as Himself] Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party
Ben Stiller / Zoolander No. 2

Megan Fox / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows
Tyler Perry / BOO! A Madea Halloween
Julia Roberts / Mother’s Day
Becky Turner [as Hillary Clinton] Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party
Naomi Watts / Divergent Series: Allegiant & Shut-In
Shailene Woodley / Divergent Series: Allegiant

Julianne Hough / Dirty Grandpa
Kate Hudson / Mother’s Day
Aubrey Plaza / Dirty Grandpa
Jane Seymour / Fifty Shades of Black
Sela Ward / Independence Day: Resurgence
Kristen Wiig / Zoolander No. 2

Nicolas Cage / Snowden
Johnny Depp / Alice Through the Looking Glass
Will Ferrell / Zoolander No. 2
Jesse Eisenberg / Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Jared Leto / Suicide Squad
Owen Wilson / Zoolander No. 2

Ben Affleck & His BFF (Baddest Foe Forever) Henry Cavill / Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Any 2 Egyptian Gods or Mortals / Gods of Egypt
Johnny Depp & His Vomitously Vibrant Costume / Alice Through the Looking Glass
The Entire Cast of Once Respected Actors / Collateral Beauty
Tyler Perry & That Same Old Worn Out Wig / BOO! A Madea Halloween
Ben Stiller and His BFF (Barely Funny Friend) Owen Wilson / Zoolander No. 2

Dinesh D’Souza and Bruce Schooley / Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party
Roland Emmerich / Independence Day: Resurgence
Tyler Perry / BOO! A Madea Halloween
Alex Proyas / Gods of Egypt
Zack Snyder / Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Ben Stiller / Zoolander No. 2

Alice Through the Looking Glass
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: Dawn of Justice
Fifty Shades of Black
Independence Day: Resurgence
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows
Zoolander No. 2

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Dirty Grandpa
Gods of Egypt
Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party
Independence Day: Resurgence
Suicide Squad

Zoolander No. 2 = 9
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice = 8
Dirty Grandpa = 6
Gods of Egypt = 5
Hillary’s America = 5
Independence Day: Resurgence = 5
Alice Through the Looking Glass = 3

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