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Joey Fatone Starts Twitter Campaign for 'N SYNC Glee Tribute Show 

Photo Courtesy - Sony Music Entertainment'N SYNC's Joey Fatone has started a Twitter campaign to get his group's music on Fox's show Glee, and his own self on it, too, in a cameo appearance.  He wrote last Tuesday night, "Glee was good, but I think my [expletive] needs to get on that show and be a teacher, or something in the background!" He then urged his fans, "Let @GleeonFox know how you feel...either do an 'N SYNC ep, or have me on there.  That would be a blast!"

Fatone told People magazine, "I mentioned it on Twitter and everyone is re-tweeting it, and saying, 'That would be great!'  I love acting and I like to sing.  It'd be perfect!"  As for what 'N SYNC songs should appear on the show, Joey tells People that "Bye Bye Bye' and "It's Gonna Be Me" are likely candidates, but adds, "You never know...they can go so many ways to tell their stories with our songs."

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