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Keith Urban Opens Up about Addiction, Rehab on 'Oprah'

Photo Courtesy - Capitol Nashville(CHICAGO) -- Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show Monday, and Urban opened up about his decision to go to rehab back in 2006.  Describing his life as unmanageable, he credits Kidman for helping open his eyes to the problem.  He'd been in treatment for substance abuse twice before and recognized the signs of his addiction.

Urban admitted he was abusing cocaine and alcohol before going into treatment, but he tells Winfrey, "It wouldn't have mattered what it was.  It was a hole in my life that was gonna be filled by the right thing eventually, or it was going to always be filled by the wrong thing."

Urban says he wouldn't have blamed Kidman if she'd walked out on him, but she staged an intervention for him instead.  He says, "I couldn't do this just for her, but to see love in action to that degree at that time in that way, I've never experienced anything like that."  Urban has now been clean for four years.

In addition to the interview, Urban also performed his latest single "Put You in a Song" on the show with Winfrey and Kidman singing along on the front row.  It's the lead release from his latest album, Get Closer.

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