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50 Cent urges fans to cancel Starz cable subscription following "Power" season finale

ABC/Paula Lobo

(NEW YORK) -- The season four finale of Power aired on Sunday, and now the show's executive producer 50 Cent wants fans of the series to boycott the television cable network that broadcasts it. 

On Sunday, he wrote on Instagram, "I don't think the STARZ network realize your watching POWER because it's my show. So take STARZ out of your cable package after you see POWER tonight. Then they will understand I bet. #50centralbet."  

The rapper and entertainment mogul shared another Instagram message on Monday explaining why his show deserves more respect from STARZ, writing, "I don't get paid for rating. I'm already the biggest thing that every happen to STARZ. I haven't seen one thing that says for your consideration."

He continues, "POWER is the biggest invisible show ever. Everybody on the show is bringing their A game If I don't shake things up nothing's gonna change. It's a damn shame I have to prove I can move the audience. Catch my New show 50Central 9/27 10:30 pm #50centralbet."  

As previously reported, 50 has spoken out about his ongoing frustration with Starz and why he believes Power deserves more recognition from the TV network. In May, Deadline reported that, ratings-wise, Power was in the number two spot on the premium cable list, putting it directly behind Game of Thrones. But, according to 50, the series doesn't garner the accolades or critical acclaim that Game of Thrones does.  

Amid the controversy, 50 Cent's gearing up for the premiere of his new show, a late night sketch comedy series called 50 Central, set to debut September 27 at 10:30 p.m. ET on BET.

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