Inevitable: 'Avengers: Endgame' coming back to theaters with new footage

Marvel Studios(LOS ANGELES) -- At the Spider-Man: Far From Home press junket in London on Tuesday, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige let slip that Avengers: Endgame will be heading back to theaters on June 28 -- with never-before-seen footage.

Feige tells ScreenRant that the re-release is "not an extended cut, but" he notes that fans can expect, "...a few new things at the end of the movie." 

Fans waited in vain through Endgame's final credits for the traditional "stingers" they've come to expect from a Marvel movie; Feige says this time, their patience will pay off.

"...[A]fter the credits, there'll be a deleted scene, a little tribute, and a few surprises."

The added extras could lure fans back to the theaters -- and ultimately push Endgame past an as-yet-unbroken record: the $2.788 billion global box office take earned by James Cameron's Avatar.

As of Wednesday morning, Endgame has earned $2.743 billion -- an Infinity Stone's throw away from breaking the record.

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Angelina Jolie joins 'TIME' as a Contributing Editor; first piece is titled "What We Owe Refugees"

Photo by Guillermo Legaria/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Oscar-winning actress, director, and United Nations Ambassador Angelina Jolie now has another title: Contributing Editor for TIME magazine.

Jolie's experience as a humanitarian and philanthropist will inform her monthly pieces: She'll contribute articles "focusing primarily on displacement, conflict and human rights," according to the magazine.

To that end, her first piece -- appearing in Friday's issue of the magazine -- is called "What We Owe Refugees." It sheds light on the plight of some 70 million people displaced from their homes by poverty, famine, and war.

She explains, "As we mark World Refugee Day on June 20, it is an illusion to think that any country can retreat behind its borders and simply hope the problem will go away. We need leadership and effective diplomacy. We need to focus on long-term peace based on justice, rights and accountability to enable refugees to return home."

Jolie says that too often, countries use aid as a substitute for effective policies and diplomacy.  She urges a "harder course of action," which she explains is, "the only one that will make a difference."

"We need to focus on long-term peace based on justice, rights and accountability to enable refugees to return home," she says, and warns, "The distance between us and the refugees of the past is shorter than we think."

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Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston's 'Murder Mystery' slays for Netflix

Netflix/Scott Yamano(LOS ANGELES) -- Murder Mystery, the Netflix comedy movie starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, notched the biggest opening weekend for a Netflix film, the streamer announced via Twitter Tuesday.

The streamer says 13,374,914 accounts in the US and Canada, and 17,494,949 more worldwide, tuned in to the movie.

Murder Mystery follows a New York City cop and his wife -- played respectively by Sandler and Aniston -- who go on a European trip and end up as the prime suspects in a murder. It's the second film outing for the two, whose 2011 feature Just Go with It delivered $214.9 million worldwide.

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Report: 'Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club' shuttered by MTV, and in IRL

ABC(LOS ANGELES) -- Lindsay Lohan's MTV reality show Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club won't return for a second season -- and neither will the Mykonos nightclub, which served as the setting for the show, according to the New York Post.

The show, which follows the daily lives of the club's staff, premiered to decent ratings, which then plummeted with subsequent episodes.

What's more, the nightclub itself also seems to have gone under:  the Post reports a number listed for it on the TripAdvisor app isn't working, and patrons are being told the club "will not be opening this season," a source tells the newspaper.

The Mean Girls actress-turned one-time tabloid headline magnet reportedly still has nightclubs in Athens and Rhodes, but was planning to launch a series of similar beach clubs to the one at which the show was shot.

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Gambler James Holzhauer's loss was a huge win for 'Jeopardy!'

Jeopardy! Productions(LOS ANGELES) -- As previously reported, James Holzhauer's Jeopardy! loss ended up being a big win for for the long-running game show. But now that all the numbers are finally crunched, Vulture reports the professional gambler-turned quiz show champ's final episode was watched by 14.5 million people -- the show's largest same-day audience since November 30, 2004, when reigning money champ Ken Jennings drew 18 million viewers.

To compare it to other shows, Holzhauer's losing episode ranks as the third most-watched regularly scheduled series episode of the 2018-19 season, behind the series finale of The Big Bang Theory and a December episode of 60 Minutes, which drew 18.5 million and 14.6 million viewers, respectively.

Holzhauer earned earned more than $2.4 million during 33-day run, passing that $2 million high water mark in record time.

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Eddie Murphy joins Jerry Seinfeld for a new season of 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee'

Courtesy of Netflix(NEW YORK) -- Eddie Murphy is among the comics who'll be taking a ride with Jerry Seinfeld for season 11 of his hit Netflix talk show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

Seinfeld made the announcement Tuesday on his Instagram with an image featuring the names of the upcoming season's guests. 

"I love the coffee. I love the cars. I love the comedians," Seinfeld wrote.  "And yes, doing the show with Eddie was really special."

Also sharing coffee, cars and laughs with Jerry this go-round will be Seth Rogen, Ricky Gervais, Matthew Broderick, Jamie Foxx and Martin Short, along with Saturday Night Live's Melissa Villaseñor, stand-up comics Sebastian Maniscalco, Bridget Everett and Mario Joyner, and Bee Movie writer Barry Marder.

The new season of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee debuts July 19 on Netflix.

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Idris Elba visits New York comedy club where he used to be a bouncer

Will Heath/NBC(NEW YORK) -- Idris Elba recently took a trip down memory lane while in New York City.

On Monday night, Elba made a surprise visit to Caroline's on Broadway, where the actor and DJ previously worked as a bouncer in his pre-stardom years.

According to Page Six, Elba stopped by with his family at 9:30 p.m. to take in a show.

“He was gracious to everybody and very low-key. He talked to a couple of the employees that are still here from when he worked here,” a source told the gossip site.

During his Saturday Night Live hosting gig in March, Elba first revealed that when he first moved to the U.S. from London, he ended up as a bouncer.

“About twenty years ago I was working down the street from this building on Broadway — not as an actor — but as a doorman," he said.

"I was a bouncer at Caroline's Comedy Club on 49th and Broadway,” he continued, adding that he made some “decent contacts” by selling weed.

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Robert Downey Jr. recruits heroic teen shark attack victim for his climate change coalition

ABC/Randy Holmes(LOS ANGELES) -- After hearing she was a big fan of both Iron Man and marine sustainability, actor and philanthropist Robert Downey Jr. sent a special message to 17-year-old Paige Winter, recruiting her for his Footprint Coalition climate change venture.

Winter lost her left leg and two fingers as a result of a shark attack earlier this month, but didn't lose her spirit, as Good Morning America's Robin Roberts learned in an exclusive interview. "

I was aware from the beginning, nothing's gonna be the same ever again. Like, I'm still Paigey. Just a little different," Winter said.

The chat with the heroic young woman sparked Downey to send her a surprise video message.

"This is a heroic story of resilience, I got to tell you," Downey said to her. "You're not alone, but not just because of folks who have had similar stuff happen, but also because of your interest in sustainability and preservation of our oceans and marine life and all that stuff."

"I'm a fan, I got to tell you," the Oscar-nominated actor told the teen via his video message. "But also, kind of like Tony with Peter Parker a few years back, I'm in a bit of a recruitment mode, so I wanted to see if you would join my Footprint Coalition, and be my North Carolina ambassador?"

In Captain America: Civil War, Downey's Tony Stark tapped Tom Holland's Peter Parker for Stark's September Foundation internship -- but it was all a cover story to recruit Parker's Spider-Man for The Avengers.

In real life, Downey's brand new Footprint Coalition vows to find high-tech solutions to cleaning up the environment.

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As Robert Pattinson gets ready to don the cape and cowl, poll looks at fans' favorite Batmans, Catwomans, and Jokers

Warner Bros. and © DC Comics(LOS ANGELES) --  Like most things related to fandom, Warner Bros.' announcement that Twilight veteran Robert Pattinson would be taking on the role of the Caped Crusader in 2021's The Batman was met with much online reaction.

Now, a new Hollywood Reporter/Morning Consult survey picked more than 2,200 Bat-fans' brains to find out which recent cinematic versions of Batman characters are their favorites.

Christian Bale, who starred in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, was declared the fans' favorite Bat by 39% of those polled; Michael Keaton was a close second, preferred by 38%.

George Clooney -- who admitted to "killing" the Batman franchise for a while via 1997's Batman and Robin -- came in third, with 19%. Ben Affleck scored 18%, and Batman Forever's Val Kilmer was last at 17%. 

While Halle Berry's Catwoman was panned, her take on the villainess was deemed the favorite of 42% of those polled. Batman Returns' Michelle Pfeiffer was a close second with 41%; Anne Hathaway from The Dark Knight Rises ranked last, preferred by just 26%.

Heath Ledger's Oscar-winning portrayal of The Joker was deemed fans' fave portrayal of the Clown Prince of Crime by 60%, though Jack Nicholson's take from the 1989 movie was a close second at 58%.

Jared Leto's tattooed, grill-sporting Joker from Suicide Squad was the favorite of just 18% of those polled..

And 68% of those polled expect Joaquin Phoenix to be "excellent" or "good" in his standalone film Joker, which opens October 4.

For his part, Mark Hamill, a fan favorite for voicing The Joker on Batman: The Animated Series, tells ABC Radio that he's enjoyed every actor's take on Batman's greatest enemy.

"It's like the Hamlet of villains," he says. "It will be constantly revisited by actors forever and ever." 

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Tyra Banks launches body positive docu-series 'Beauty'

ABC/Ron Tom(LOS ANGELES) -- With her next project, Tyra Banks is offering the world a new set of beauty standards.

According to Variety, Banks is teaming up with the Quibi mobile streaming service for a new body positive docu-series titled Beauty. The series, in which Banks will both star in and executive produce, is described as a multi-part show which "celebrates being beautiful."

The goal of the series is to help "break down barriers and challenge traditional notions” of beauty while questioning the beauty standards that the world has subscribed to over the years.

“As I look into the future, I see radical changes in both how people ‘attain beauty,’ and how the world perceives beauty,” Banks said in a statement. “Our docu-series aims to expand and redefine the definition of beauty as we know it, challenging why we accept certain beauty parameters and reject others, and examining the beliefs behind those judgments.”

Banks, now called BanX, has been a champion for body positivity throughout her career, including on her show America's Next Top Model, which has been running for 24 season across various networks.

Quibi will officially launch in April 2020. A premiere date for Tyra's Beauty has not yet been revealed.

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