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"All-Star Celebrity Apprentice" Recap: Omarosa Fired

Adam Olszewski/NBC(NEW YORK) -- For the third time, Omarosa has been fired by Donald Trump.  She was given the pink slip on Sunday night's episode of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice.

Trump's latest task for the stars was to create, market and sell 3D art at a gallery event.  Whichever team raised the most money in donations would be declared the winner.

Lisa Rinna was named the project manager for Plan B, and Lil Jon led the way for team Power.  Because Power was short-handed due to previous eliminations, Trump moved Plan B member Trace Adkins to the other side.

The groups cashed in favors with famous pals to attract donations.  In the end, Plan B collected more than $225,000 to defeat Power, which raised over $179,000.  Rinna's charity, St. Jude Children's Hospital, gets all of that money.

Lil Jon was joined on the chopping block by Omarosa and Dennis Rodman.  Trump didn't want to fire the rapper, and he told Omarosa he couldn't let go of Rodman either because he liked the fact that the former basketball star has overcome so much personal struggle in his life.  He then complimented Omarosa for helping the original Apprentice become a hit, before firing her.

This was Omarosa's third season as an Apprentice contestant; each one ended with her being fired.

All-Star Celebrity Apprentice returns next Sunday night on NBC.

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