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Angela Bassett Gets Sequel Experience In New Thriller, "London Has Fallen"

Gramercy Pictures(NEW YORK) -- Given the number of films in which she's appeared, it may surprise you to learn Angela Bassett has never appeared in a sequel.

That changes today, when London Has Fallen debuts.  It's the follow-up to the 2013 blockbuster Olympus Has Fallen, in which Bassett played the U.S. Secret Service director.

"This is the very first sequel I've ever done," Bassett told ABC Radio. "So I was really excited when Olympus Has Fallen did so well that they pretty much knew they were going to go for a second one."

The first film centered on a catastrophic takeover of the White House.  Helmed by Training Day director Antoine Fuqua and also starring Morgan Freeman and Aaron Eckhart, the movie grossed $161 million in the United States alone. 

Playing the buttoned-up Director Lynne Jacobs wasn't much of a stretch for Bassett, who's played everyone from Tina Turner to Rosa Parks.  The actress said she finds joy in playing non-traditional roles.

"I love going into areas and stories that you’re not used to seeing someone like me," says Bassett. "And Antoine Fuqua, who was the original director of Olympus, cast me as the first female director of the Secret Service when we had never seen a woman in that position in our reality and then a year later, it actually happens. So that was extraordinarily exciting."

Though Fuqua isn't around this go-around -- Babak Najafi directs London Has Fallen, which takes place in England when all hell breaks loose during the funeral of a prime minister -- the former ER actress said the familiarity of the first movie was still there.

"You know, you do have a sense that you’ve built something, you go back, you have camaraderie, there’s a history.  A lot of times, you’re trying to invest, or build, or suggest history.  And with a sequel you actually have some of it."

And reuniting with Gerard Butler, who portrays the presidential security officer willing to do anything to save the day, and Eckhart, who reprises his role as the U.S. president, gave Bassett more reason to feel right at home.

"Gerard Butler is, I mean he’s a guy’s guy. He just loves people," she revealed about her co-worker. "He’s a people’s person.  He loves the ladies, too, but he’s an absolute people’s person and his personality is always upbeat and embracing and just jovial."

"And Aaron, he’s easygoing, he’s serious, he’s easy but you can pull him out, pull the cowboy out," Bassett  added. 

London Has Fallen is in theaters today.

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