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Arnold Schwarzenegger Puts on Disguise, Goes to Work at Gym

JB Lacroix/WireImage(VENICE, Calif.) -- Arnold Schwarzenegger did some undercover work at a Gold's Gym location in Venice, Calif., for a good cause.

The actor, former California governor and ex-bodybuilder donned a wig, black mustache and a baseball cap, pretending to be a regional manager for the gym named Howard.  He captured himself on video offering hilarious advice to gym members.

The point of this exercise, which can be viewed in a two-and-a-half-minute clip on YouTube, was to raise money for After-School All-Stars, a provider of year-round after-school programs.

To one woman who approached a water fountain, Schwarzenegger said, "Just remember, 75 percent of the body is water.  Keep drinking."

He admonished another gym member: "Stop being a baby!  This is Gold's Gym, this is not a baby gym."

Schwarzenegger's disguise didn't fool everyone.  One woman remarked, "You look so familiar to me," to which he replied, "Maybe you saw me on the FBI Most Wanted list."

At one point he asked another woman on a treadmill, "How many miles are you running?"  She instantly recognized him and said, "Oh my God, hi!"

Fun fact: This was the same gym where Schwarzenegger trained in the 1970s, following his arrival from Austria.

Schwarzenegger has a few movies in the pipeline, including The Expendables 3, which is due out in August.  He's also expected to star in a new Terminator movie.

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