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Benny Boom on John Singleton's "All Eyez on Me" criticism: "He had every opportunity" to make his own Tupac biopic

Demetrius Shipp Jr. as Tupac Shakur/Photo: Quantrell Colbert(NEW YORK) -- Director Benny Boom is standing up for his official Tupac biopic, All Eyez on Me, and speaking out against what he calls the "rhetoric" from the film's previous director, John Singleton. According to Boom, Singleton needs to move on from the "damaging" commentary and focus on making his own movie.

Prior to Boom helming All Eyez on Me, the film had Straight Outta Compton's F. Gary Gray, Antoine Fuqua, and Singleton as potential directors. When the film landed in Boom's lap, the Philly filmmaker said he felt he needed to clear the air between him and Singleton.

"Afterwards we spoke because of the rhetoric that was being talked -- and I didn't appreciate it," Boom tells ABC Radio. "I'm not a guy to shy away from conversation or confrontation, so I called him. And I told him how much I didn't appreciate it. We know each other -- we're not friends, but we know each other. And I said it's not cool." 

Boom continued: "It's a small community. What you're doing is damaging for your self more than it is for me -- because people look upon you in a certain way. And to hear you talk down a project -- first of all you've never seen it... I said, "You know it's maybe more important that you just take a step back."

The director explains that Singleton's issues were more with the film's "producers," than him.  But Boom feels that still didn't excuse the Singleton's behavior, since he had plenty of time to make his own film.

"If he wanted to make a movie about Tupac, he had every opportunity and chance to do it. He didn't. He has a huge name in Hollywood, he has Oscar nominations... make your movie."

All Eyez on Me, which also stars Hill Harper, hits theaters today.

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