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Bin Laden Shooter Praises Actress' Performance in "Zero Dark Thirty"

Columbia Pictures(NEW YORK) -- We may never know the identity of the real-life Maya, the name of Jessica Chastain's CIA operative character in Zero Dark Thirty who located Osama bin Laden.  Still, friends of the top secret agent say she approves of Chastain's performance.

A retired special-ops soldier who shot bin Laden and who is a friend of "Maya," who also hasn't been identified for security reasons, tells Esquire that Chastain's performance was "awesome."

"They made her a tough woman, which she is," he continued, marking his first public statements about the film.

And while he had other criticisms of the film, such as mission tactics, the soldier said Zero Dark Thirty was "fun to watch."

"They Hollywooded it up some," he added.

Zero Dark Thirty is a nominee in the Oscars' best picture category.  In addition, Chastain is nominated for her performance.

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